Charles Thomas

I hate this guy, he is such a waste and he is an american none the less. Bret Johnstone makes his living kicking this guys a$$ everytime the lions play the riders. He is a pathetic excuse for a tackle, he gets burnt outside, inside and straight on. Get rid of this bum you have got to be able to find someone better than this sorry sack of an excuse for a tackle. What a bum. He is going to get Kerry Joseph killed!

.....ask 42monkey42 how I feel about Charles's on par with your thoughts.....

It is unbelievable that he is still welcome in their locker room getrid of him already

Boonedock you forgot to mention that he also runs into OUR OWN GUYS. i have seen countless times when he runs into Fred Childress and opens up a huge hole for a defender to run through.

You guys who want to get rid of him are forgetting to consider something..... who's going to take all the holding penalties if we get rid of "Holding, Saskatchewan 53"? We can't let one of the other guys pick up the slack, it'll look bad on their all-star resumes... Or, we'd take a heck of a lot less holding penalties, one of the two. :slight_smile:

Well Makowsky has the same number of penalties that Thomas has this year. And if you bothered to look at the number of penalties CT has had over the years you will find they are comparable with any other tackle in the league.

Remember that the Riders flop their oline thus Thomas generally has the toughest assignment as tackle.

Admitedly Tackle is probably the hardest position on the line other than center, they have to make tones of reads, have to have great footwork and be rather quick on thier feet, but strong enough to runn somone over at the same time. Now that said just because its a hard position to play doesn't mean that is and excuses to be horrible at it!!!!!!!! Mr Thomas get out of town!!!

Sorry, I just do not see it this way. While I am concerned about our Oline this year, I do not think Thomas is the trouble.

Seems to me that CT has become a bit of a scapegoat. As I mentioned above he has no more penalties than Geno. The nature of the flop just seem to make any error maginified/

I agree 100%. CT gets an absolutely brutal rep, and I don't get it. He is among the Top 5 run blocking lineman in the CFL IMHO. Yes, he could still improve his pass blocking but the blind-side tackle is like a placekicker - any mistake he makes is VERY noticeable. I think he handled Johnson very well last game overall and people should seriously sit and watch him before they cast stones over a few bad plays.

Having said that, if O'Meara is ready to start next year and we can convert this spot to a non-import position........DO IT!

The Coach

Interesting to see that the Riders have resign Tango McCauley again. Trying to keep him away from the Peg?????

yeah we should have kicked the field goal. yeah there were other mistakes made too, but charles thomas edited!

i was at that game and he is killing us. he didn’t get much if any for penalties, but that’s because his new plan is to just let the DE go by! on the 2 point convert he actually fell down trying to (unsucessfully) hold the defender, who made the sack on KJ.

charles thomas is a bust and any more time that the riders put into him is a waste! i hold him responsible for a huge piece of this loss!!!

IMO i think he is just here for a pay cheque and a lil pratice so he can TRY the NFL again :lol:

how did he ever even get a try out with the jets. they brought him in after he lead the cfl in holding calls the year before.

did they think he would fair better against bigger, faster, stonger players?

If you all don't mind an Al's fan posting here...I have to agree with the sentiments of the post. A conversion would have tied the game and yet KJ was sacked so easily! they need to replace this guy.

i always thought that Charles is the weak link in our O line :wink:

Well thanks to Thomas, KJ was forced to stay in the pocket and get pummled repeatedly,so basically Thomas single handledly took half of KJ's game strength away