Charles Rogers

What do Fans think of Signing Charles Rogers..

He was Cut from Detroit Lions and Since then has Tryouts with Tampa and Miami.

This would give us a #1 WR and Make Huge Splash in the Press

If we could sign he 2 Year plus an Option..

Who Owns his CFL Rights..

Nobody owns his CFL rights... He is a former 1st round pick 2nd overall in 2003 and has been with the lions ever since up until this past preseason.

he can be that good then if he he moved around so much in so little time

I'm sure he is head case.

Of Course He is ..
His Work Ethic Got him Cut In Detroit.
Coming to CFL Would Maybe Change that.
Give him a Taste of what Real Work is..

He got real good Skills..
Look What Toronto Did with RJ and Ricky.

what have we got to lose we need a #1 WR.
His Rights are open why not get Them.

Why not David Boston? Didnt he get cut from a NFL team in Traning camp

In a way, the Cats are in an enviable situation. They aren't going to make the playoffs but they stil have a few games to go in which to try out guys for 2007 under game conditions. They may as well try and salvage something from 2006 by using it to evaluate players. Rogers is one example if they can entice him up here. QB Timmy Chang is another who was a last cut of the Steelers.

An Argo fan

height Rogers is 6'3 age 27

Boston is 6'2 age 28

I'll take Inch in Height and Extra Year.

Boston was cut but the Buccaneers a week after he made the final roster, he had a knee injury a couple years ago and tested positive for steroids and that has stalled his comeback to the NFL, if he is healthy he would be a great receiver to aquire but he could possibly get picked up by another NFL team at some point this season.