Charles Rogers with the Als?

From RDS (citing the Globe and Mail), it seems former NFL first round pick Charles Rogers will be at training camp:

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 I raised the question of Rogers playing in the CFL last year, and it end up being a rumor spread by his agent.  Is this for real, or is it just agent talk.  He has talent, but does he have the committment to practice and work everyday? That is the big question.

  He never had the greatest speed, but was strong and could make the big catch over the middle. Whe he was with the Liions last in preseason 2005, he had trouble getting off the line and getting open.  All these questions will have to be answered.  If he is serious, it could be a great opportunity for him, but he has to want it and earn it.

  It will be interesting to watch unfold,


If he Learn the CFL Game and Stay out Trouble
He could be the next Allen Pitts.

Last season his agent was using it as a ploy to get an NFL team to give him a chance. This time it is his only option. Should be interesting.

I read on cyberpresse that Peter Warrick will also be at the training camp.

If (a big if) those players play like they're supposed to play, what a air attack we will have!

Peter Warrick is already signed-CJAD Radio-. At this time, I have more confidence in him than in Rogers. Rogers has played only a few games, since he was drafted in 2003, whereas Warrick has been playing since 2000; in 2007 it was in the AFL.

In 2000, 51 receptions and 592 yards, in 2001, 70-667, in 2002 53-606 and in 2003 79-819. He played briefly in 2004 and 2005.

With his age-31 in June- and his experience, the NFL teams are/were reluctant to sign him, since they would have to pay close to 3/4 of 1 $million a year; with the Als he should have a base salary of approx. $75,000.

Should he or both of them perform well, we may trade Kerry Watkins. With Rogers and Warrick the Als have presently 18 W.R./S.B. on their off-season roster.