Charles Rogers with the Als?

There have been reports he will be signed by a CFL team. Sportsnet has reported that the Als have him on their negotiation list:

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The guy has tons of potential, but he has often been injured and supposedly has character issues. Who knows, maybe he will be one of those guys that turns it around in the CFL.

If this guy can play, I couldn't care less about his so-called character issues, most of which seem to be that he smoked pot a few times (gasp!).

If smoken' some herb is the character issue I say bring him on, but if the problem is something like crossing state lines to fight pit bulls we might have to let him go off to the Argos. :roll:

I think that he would be a great addition to the Als. The question is, who will be the odd man out if he does come here? Any thoughts?

Avon Cobourne.

Montreal can't afford to lose another Running Back.

How far away is Imoh from returning? I would just love to see Imoh and Payton as a double-threat in the backfield.

What's the deal with Kerry Carter? Heard nothing since his medical. Odd...

I heard that he went back home for more conditioning. I guess the medical did not go so well. :frowning:

Thanks Crimson

If we signed another American receiver and then had to drop one American receiver, the guys on the bubble would be Ashlan Davis and Brian Bratton.

No problem.

If you read up on what's happened to Charles Rogers carreer. His biggest problem has been returning to form. Even his College Coach who brought him in for a trial in Miami couldn't justify offering him anything.

He's not a head case his carreer just got derailed in his rookie season, after an exceptional start and he injured himself again in his second season and has not regained form since. They tried everything from getting him a life coach to trainers. He even changed agent. I suspect if he went all out. 2 a day, diet, mixed training it could take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to get where he needs to be and he has not shown the mental capacity to tough it out. If the guy can not get motivated for 5 to 8 million a year I don't know how he could for 50k !

I think Davis and Bratton are safe for now ...