charles rogers heading to cfl???

does anyone know if charles rogers was contacted by a cfl team????

why was he released... high draft pick, and still has to much potential to be written off. if he was released he'l latch on somewhere else quickly i would think. i find it hard to believe they would get rid of him to me i thought he was a decent #3 or #4 reciever there. he would be a nice fit to our game though.

He was injury prone.

Its likely another NFL team will pick him up, but I would be happy to see him in a CFL uniform.

Ok ill bite!
Who is Charles Rodgers?

Former 1st round draft pick for Detroit Lions. Receiver from Michigan State University. He was released because he didn't do squat in the NFL.

I know the Argos wouldn't be interested in a NFL 1st rounder unless he had drug problems or is up on criminal charges... :lol:

And with Shivers gone, no way he'll end up in a Riders uniform either. :lol:

I know Calgary isnt interested.

Does anyone need a running back?

ooops....he's a receiver.

Sorry Calgary still not interested.

i tell you what if charles rogers did come to the cfl he would be a good fit for jason maas in hamilton....

Why....does he catch a good duck pass??

Seriously though youre probably right, Hammy could really use an upgrade at receiver.

Their best play would be that the opposing team does not show up! Kidding of course! They need receivers badly. Vaughn and FLick to slow and old sorry Terry you are a great player but have slowed. Flick never impressed me! Now Kamu yikes there is a waste of a football uniform. Really in all fairness these guys just do not help out their QB.

I heere that TO is looking to replace Avery and RW next season.