Charles Roberts...

It would be a class move by the Bombers if they re-signed him and let him retire a Bomber.. its a shame that he got virtually no acknowledgement for his 10K yds while in BC. I know the fans in the Peg would give him the reception he deserves. Any fans here agree?

Knowing how Taman works he could trade us ....Oh never mind, Charlie is free now! :wink: :wink:

im sure if charlie contacted the bombers about such a move there would be no hesitation

considering the guy is apparently applying for his Canadian citizenship why not sign him back and give him a shot with a coach that will actually respect his players.

as for playing in winnipeg or playing at all i think roberts career might be done. the injury he took is not good by any means and his entire offseason will be rehab. i hope he heels up well. i would like the bombers to do with him the same they did with khari jones. sign him to the one day contract so he can retire for the team that gave him his chance and ability to play. i loved roberts on the field and still remember reading the newpaper articles about him saying this guy is going to be huge for us. i want him to retire with the big blue for when he makes the hall

Robert's is done, if he wasn't done before the injury , he is now. Charlie was never big on practice and working hard in the off season. I doubt he will have the work ethic needed to rehab a blown achillis . Even if he does,there are no guarantee's that it will heal properly.

Sadly I agree. Charlie's never been one to be willing to put in the hard work. With all that natural talent of his, imagine how great he would have been had he had even half of Stegall's work ethic.