Charles Roberts

Whatever happened to Sir Charles? When BC was on the goal-line and Logan was out for three plays why did BC put Smart in? I would have thought that Charles Roberts would have been the better option. I didn't hear his name mentioned at all during the game on Saturday.

Roberts tore his achilles tendon a while back (not sure which game).

,,,Blink was done for the year after he tore-up his leg.....his career maybe in jeopardy after such an injury...I'm hopin for the best for the little guy...even though he ain't a Bomber anymore....It may be all-she-wrote for Charlie....
Could he have got into the end-zone , rather than Smart....???? I believe he would have....that injury really cost the leos :expressionless:

I totally missed him being out with an injury. It seems once he arrived in BC I never heard about him again. It would be a shame after such a spectacular career going out like that. I was quite disappointed when Winnipeg wouldn't keep him long enough to break the record at home.

i agree i wanted him to break the record in blue but getting smith was a great deal for the bombers.

as for why you never ehard from him after the trade was bthat bc only brought him in to back up logan and mentor him. he was never going to be the number 1 back in bc. then bc got caught off guard with hs injury because he had only ever missed one game due to injury. and wel they never had a replacement other then smart.

an injury such has that can be really bad for an rb.i hope he can work it out and get 1 or 2 more good seasons in the end. i still like roberts and would like to ee him play again. a next to all star career ending by a bad injury always sucks.

maybe the blue can sign him for one day to retire as a bomber like they did for jones who only excelled in winnipeg