THANKS...for all of the great years and entertainment you gave the fans in the Peg....i know a lot of people are gonna miss you in the community..There'll have to be some adjustments made...and it'll look awfully strange to see you in a Lions uni...but good luck ...I hope you take the leos to the Cup and give them a chance at the big prize as well as deserve long :thup:

Couldn't agree more! I'll miss ya, Charlie. Best running back I ever saw wear Blue and Gold. All the best, Blink

way to say it guys. charlie will go down as the best bomber running back of all time. its just to bad thet let you go so close to the 10,000 all star plateau. we still love you in peg city blink.

While the ultimate fanboy network on www. (which shall remain nameless) reckons how to spell r-o-b-e-r-t-s name in a bowl of alphaghettis. . . maybe in BC those insightful fantards enjoy lovely tender-vittles they feed off of Buono's backside.

The running game is back in Winnipeg, and that's all that counts.

Smith could prove to be similar to another great Bomber back, The Sheriff... Willard Reaves.

I just posted this and I thought it would be fitting here as well. . .

Here’s the main difference when speaking of the Joltin Joe bashers in BC. Once Joe gets his mojo going in the peg, it’s a lot different football country, it could drastically change Smith as a player. As a player coming from a Buono-Lion environment, Smith will find it much easier a transition in Winnipeg I imagine.

Vancouver Province reported that BC was also after Stegall but Taman didn’t want Milt to get his Grey Cup ring so he offered Roberts instead.

Heres the article posted on another thread:

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