charles roberts

ive been wondering what if roberts got injured.. who would be our starting RB?? stokes? i've sometimes wondered if we even have a backup.. and what is stokes' position?? on tsn it says RB and on the bombers site its WR..

Graeme Bell I think would take over for Roberts. Roberts won't get injured because he always looks out like he said on CJOB awhile back. I wouldn't worry about Roberts. Stokes' position is SB and on the depth chart against the riders for tonight he is backing up Darnell McDonald if you wanted to know that.

don't even put that out there.....Roberts getting nicked.....he sure is a durable guy and I would think irreplacable....but we would have to go with other choice... :roll:

thanks for the info. and papazoola your right, i shouldnt have mentioned roberts getting injured but i wus just wondering bout a backup.. roberts is the biggest asset to the bombers.

no roberts. no win. even though u dont win much anyay but wahtever

and the same with you stampfan. no burris. no win. even though you guys don't win much anyway but whatever. :slight_smile:

at least we can beat hamilton

We beat Hamilton too buddy.

let me refraise it then. at least we dont lose to hamilton.

Our D sucked. Hamilton was bound to win and when your D doesn't show up you know you'll lose.

excuses excuses.

Truth, the truth.

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