30 seconds left in the game. roberts walked off the field straight to his car (in his equiptment) and left. Didnt go to the locker room nothing...

Hes probobly not coming back...

So far only some fans have seen this, wasn't on CJOB post-game show either. Fans definately saw roberts drive off.


i'm sure that he will be ok. I think he's just angry, but will be back

God I hope not. This whole night has been a terrible one for the Bombers which may just put our whole season in jeapordy. I hope it was just a moment of frustration.

Do you think he will be fined and or suspended if he does come back?

You're the go-to guy, and you get under-utilized completely in the second half.....I'd be ticked, too.....I'm sure cooler heads will prevail.....

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if you want more info

Just to raise a couple of obvious points:

  1. He keeps his car keys with him when he's playing? Just in case?

  2. You can see his car in the parking lot from the stands?

Coincidentally, there was another guy who looked just like Roberts, who was also wearing his uniform, and squatted down on the sidelines as Toronto was running out the clock.

Drive to Edmonton, Charlie! :lol:

In all seriousness, I'm sure the club will fine him.

Damn, and people in the NFL were going crazy when Randy Moss walked off the field with 2 seconds left in the game.

:lol: :lol: Although, Roberts walking out is no laughing matter for Bomber fans that post made me laugh.

He forgot that he left his stove on..couldn't get home quick enough...of course he's pi$$ed...he knows the Bombers have something...n we are waisting it...relax Roberts it will get better..Go Bombers..

....thats pretty damn funny.....

We're good. Roberts got stop at the border and though he had kept his keys with him, he forgot his passport. In an interview, Chernof said his chances of landing in Gitmo were slight as he was only angry, not mean and angry.

TSN showed Roberts sitting on his helmet and watching the Argos run out the clock, maybe immedeately after the game is when he did that. Roberts should be angry, I wondered why they didnt go to him more often in the 2nd half of the game. One thing is obvious though, Winnipeg is basically a three man team-the ones they need to win games with-- Stegall, Glenn and Roberts.

maybe he had to go take a leak. :roll:

I agree. Sometimes in a crucial game when you're performing very well, you have this intuition....feeling in your gut that you can do anything today. And then your carpet is yanked out from under you....the team loses....and you now have alot of anger that needs to be either controlled or let out.

This anger that you speak of geo, has to be controlled...walking out after the game dragging his bottom lip is no way for a profesinal athlete to act..In the world according to Roberts you have to give him at lest 30 touches a game, don't even think of bringing in another back to compete for his a steady supply of a$$ kissing will be needed to keep him happy...grow up Roberts, you big baby...

I dont blame the guy for being mad, but
to drive home with your equipment on....
is freakin embarrassing.

Thankfully my teams got a class guy like

My guess is that anger was the number one emotion in the dressing room after the game. The boys gave it everything they had and costly mistakes put them on the losing end of last nights tilt..I wonder if Roberts even cares about the effort some of his teammates put forward in last nights game...Stop thinking about yourself Roberts, it's team game ...and stop being so darn disruptive..

Hey, that's SIR Roberts to you peons.

Theres no way charlie would leave hes pulled this before a couple years back when we were about to play toronto coincidentally… its just like earlier this year when he treatened to change his number things will blow off