Charles Roberts traded to BC for Joe Smith

As per Winnipeg media Charles Roberts has been traded to BC Lions for Joe Smith.

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Im just shocked right now..Yes Roberts is not having one of his usual Roberts years but common..Bombers have bigger problems then Roberts possibly the QB? OL? COACH!!

A link to a message board? I'll suggest that maybe you know what you're talking about, but come a little more credible at least...

i called it long ago, big blue are in re-building mode, expect stegall to be sent packing soon, also I wouldn't be surprised to see Chang get more reps in practice.

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JM it's all I got it it hasnt hit a newspapaer or tsn website yet but it's true. I originally had as the link as that is the radio discussing it right now but they have nothing on their front site.

My point stands. I'll take your word at it, but linking to a message board is kinda lame...sorry, but it's true...

My Grandma just called me, she heard it on cjob radio also and football-loving grandmas do not lie :slight_smile:
Anyway who knows maybe it'll get the Bombers going.

lol ok dude, wow seriously. Once there's an article i can link to i will, until then i just wanted to let people know. Being message board nazi is kinda lame too...sorry, but it's true..., how's that for being harsh? I wasn't aware I attacked you personally...I believe nothing until I see it verified, and until it is, it's rumour to me...just how I roll...and I'm not a dude.

What the hell do we want with Roberts when we have Logan.

One weirdo traded for another.

EDITED - no insults

He's a she.

Anyway, JM - it appears legit.

Since the Bombers are clearing the decks, I wonder if ol' Uncle Milty wouldn't mind closing out the year in green?

Looks like his 10000th rushing yard will happen in a new uniform. Just heard it on CJOB.

Sorry for the gender confusion.

It will be weird to see him in another uniform.

If they get rid of Milty to Sask, he can break the all-time yardage record as a Rider, but do it in the Banjo Bowl so the 'Peggers can cheer him on.

I have little doubt it's legit...just want a legit link, is all...find it really hard to believe that the news would be released to radio, yet have nothing there to back it up...

Unless Logans ankle injury is more serious than we were led to believe, I really don't get this trade. To much milage on Roberts and what do we need with 2 small scatbacks.

JM 02... your not even listed as a mod....why the hell are you here wrecking everyone's fun...You owe all of us...exspecially pegcityjets an apology....
You may just want to turn your computer off go to bed and think about how you acted once you have apologied to us.