Charles Roberts to retire after the season?


Charles says it's all a joke.

WINNIPEG (CP) - Charles Roberts is lucky Blue Bombers head coach Doug Berry can take a joke.

As the Bombers finished practice Tuesday, a pack of reporters surrounded the running back to ask him if he had posted a website message last week that he was going to retire after this CFL season.

"No retirement, no retirement," Roberts snapped as his laughing teammates watched him walk briskly to the dressing room without stopping.

"I don't know how (the message) got on there."

Last week, the website had a message from a Chuck Diesell1 - a name the six-year veteran has used in its chat room - saying he was retiring after the season.

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Roberts couldn't be reached for comment and Berry and team officials said they hadn't heard from him during the club's bye week.

After Tuesday's practice, Berry said he spoke to the 27-year-old in the morning and Roberts admitted he'd posted the message as a prank.

"Charles wanted to have some fun," a smiling Berry explained. "He was just doing it all in a light attitude."

"He knew he'd provoke some attention from, not only the people on the website, but also from you guys, the media. It was done in good fun. He certainly has no intentions of retiring. None."

While it was a distraction and he'd rather Roberts hadn't done it, Berry said there was no malicious intent and it was totally harmless.

"He gave everybody a chance to come back together with a focal point today," Berry said with a laugh. "Everybody was poking fun at him and Charles had to take it. It was good."

Now the 7-8 Bombers have to focus on winning one of their last three games, which would give the team a playoff spot for the first time since 2003.

Winnipeg travels to Hamilton to face the 4-12 Tiger-Cats on Sunday, and then wraps up the season at home against Calgary and on the road in B.C. >

Montreal and Toronto are tied for first in the East Division with 9-6 records.

While Roberts will make the trip to Hamilton to try to add to his 1,305 yards rushing - second in the league behind Calgary's Joffrey Reynolds (1,375) - star slotback Milt Stegall is doubtful.

Stegall is out with a strained medial collateral ligament he suffered Sept. 29 after a low hit by Montreal's Davis Sanchez.

"We started him with a little bit of cutting today. We'll see how it works," Berry said. "His knee is feeling really good, but he hasn't stressed it at all and we're in no hurry, of course, to rush him back."

The Bombers will have a number of players coming out of sick bay, including receivers Quentin McCord and Kwame Cavil and offensive linemen Mike Abou-Mechrek and Matt Sheridan.

"It's nice to get people back," Berry said. "I just don't know when we're going to be able to get them all back on the roster."

Didn't hear about this. Thanks.

(But what a bizarre sense of humour he has!)

Media was all over him in practice today, he stated he's not retiring. The playoffs are on his mind...he stated also..

He should be a spokesman for Pfizer

....someone should tell Charlie....that he has to wait till next year around April put one of these over....i guess the jokes on us ... those who gobbbled it up....Charlie you little trickster.... now go get that rushing title and i'll forgive lol.. :lol: :lol:

The chances of Roberts retiring is about the same chance as the US Army pulling out of Iraq by the end of this calendar year.

...oh oh, its a bye week and no-one is talking about Sir #1, I better change that and get some buzz going about me, if feel so, uh, neglected, now they'll have to pay attention to me....'s kinda pathetic doncha think?....

kind of pathetic???

:oops: :oops: :oops:

and here I thought maybe he was on the Barry Sanders retirement plan

Ya pathetic indeed. But roberts is the guy in Blue and Gold Land on the ground. Glad to hear he ain't retiring and I will keep this on my mind till he beats Reynolds for this years rushing title, and eventually takes over pringle as number 1. will be pretty darn close Reynolds leads Roberts by 70 yards but Roberts has a game in hand.....and they still go head to head this year as well one more time....

...Charlie is not only looking for the rushing title this year.....but he also wants to catch Leo Lewis as all time Bomber ydg. king....Lewis was one helluva back...Charlie reminds me of alot of Leo ,the way he runs....elusive plus....I would consider Blink in the same category as the Linclon locomotive (lewis's handle)..and often wondered, if both played in the same era and for the same Bomber team...i would say.....UNSTOPPABLE... :rockin: :rockin: :wink:

5 o'clock charlie better watch out

he says it was a joke...

is anyone laughing??

him, his teamates, and coach were at practise.

I'm sure a few cameramen...