Charles Roberts - Blink

BC Fans...You have one of the best in the game. He was always a HUGE fan favorite and he is impressive. Chuck...congrats on the 10,000 yrs. Your blue blood is starting to turn BC orange. BC's gain is Wpg's loss.
Treat him well and he will serve you well.

A BB fan.

Charles looks awesome in Orange! He'd look even better with his arms aroud a big silver Cup.

Thanks Wpgfan.

Hey, If you can "adjust" Joe Smith's head, you'll have a pretty good RB too!

Agree with all of the above....sometimes a change of scenery is in order. I feel that there are no losers here - only winners. I love adding Charles to our roster and appreciate what he brings. And Joe's no slump either...still one of my favorite football players - that won't change. Just didn't think it was working here anymore for him.

Hope he works out for you guys...I'm confident he will.