Charles POTW over Sheets?

how does Hugh Charles with 119yds rushing on 11 carries get POTW over a Sheets who had more yards and more carries vs a much better football team?

who the heck decided this charade?

Maybe people who know something about football.

Sheets had 147 total yards and scored 1 TD.

Charles had 205 total yards and scored 2 TD's. Charles accounted for 58 more yards and one more TD.

Looks like a no brainer to me, hard to figure why you didn't notice.

Time to take off the green contact lenses

Shouldn't people who know something about football be able to figure out that kick return yards are kinda useless for Offensive Player of the Week?

I'm a Bomber fan and certainly not going to be intentionally looking for reasons to give Rider players awards, but Sheets got robbed.

Even if you discount the kick-off yardage, Charles and Sheets were vitually tied for total yardage and Charles scored one more touchdown. How was Sheets robbed?

Not to mention Charles accomplished what he did with far less touches (14 vs 28) = he was more effective.

Charles - 11 carries for 119 yards and 1 td + 3 receptions for 27 yards and 1 td
Sheets - 26 carries for 133 yards and 1 td + 2 receptions for 14 yeards

I don't think Sheets got "robbed" per se, but to completely discount him like some here are doing is wrong too.
To say Charles was more effective because he got his yardage on less carries totally discounts the type of game Sask played with Sheets. They handed the ball off to him 18 times in a total of 37 plays in the second half for 107 yds in which the Riders scored 22 points. They completely dominated the half and Sheets was the main part of that. Where as Charles got most of his yardage on one play. Both players were very effective and essential to their team winning, both would have been worthy winners but my green glasses think that Sheets was just a bit more impressive

yes and Charles averaged nearly 11 yards per carry which is a phenomenal rate, including the additional TD, receiving yards and return yards.

granted, Sheets had a great game as well, although Charles is the more deserving POTW candidate.

I haven't read anybody discounting Sheets, what most have said is that Charles is more deserving.

Last year, it was almost guaranteed the the Offensive Player of the Week was chosen from the winning team of the game involving Hamilton. Either Hamilton's offence was amazing, or their defence was atrocious. - often both together. Looks like the same thing's happening this year. :frowning:

Not sure which player I would have gone with. Both had good games. Maybe the fact that Charles had his good game against possibly the worst defence in the league would have made me go with Sheets.

(Not handing in my Ticats fan card here. Just being realistic.)

perhaps its as simple as.. without charles, edmonton probably wouldnt have won. without sheets, sask probably would have.. i mean dresler had a pretty big game too right?

if you watch the 2 games, you will see a few guys on the riders who are ripping it up and only one guy on edmonton (charles) ripping it up.

charles wins because overall he was more valuable to his teams win then sheets was... sheets had a good game but so did dresler and a few other guys on the riders. in the edmonton hamilton game, charles was really the only guy that was noticeable out there.

in the calgary/sask game.. sheets,dresler, a couple others all contributed to the win.

in the hamilton/edmonton game.. it was pretty much hugh charles.

I agree with Killer...the game at Regina the Riders went to Dressler early/from the get go. :thup: Out of this at half time; a door opened for Sheets - Cortez and Richie Hall noticed/seen something that could catch Calgary off guard. This change-up worked on all fronts and thus Calgary was stopped. Both played well....slight edge goes to Charles.

considering who Charles played against..

look at who Sheets got all his yardage and TD against? Calgary.

Edmonton's opponent was Hamilton, nuff said. the way Hamilton's defense was playing, ANYONE could have got the yardage that Charles got.

Sheets did this against a tough Calgary Team with a good defense.

that alone should have given Sheets consideration over Charles.

I thought the most dominant, game changing player of the week , even with his injury was Bryant Turner of Winnipeg. No question in my mind. Destroyed the spirit of the home team.

This may be the most ignorant post you have ever made and that in itself is worthy of an award.

The award is for the Player of the Week, not based on who the opponent is, just on the merits of the performance.

ANYONE could have got the yardage Charles did? Right, let's see if it happens when Saskatchewan plays Hamilton. You can bet I will take glee in rubbing it in your face when Sheets does not measure up.

You hatred of the Eskimo's is at times humerous but it does fog your brain. I still don't know what it was the the Eskimo's did to derail your brilliant CFL career but get over it, life is too short to carry grudges to the grave!

Turner had a great game, but it would be pretty difficult to give a defensive tackle the offensive player of the week award. He was however fully deserving of the defensive player of the week award he was given. :cowboy:

I thought the award was for the player of the week?

Where does it say offensive player?

Robbed was a poor choice of words on my part. Charles had a great game. But he also had one monster play and otherwise was merely good. Statistically, Charles was better. I don't think anyone is going to argue that. But stats don't tell the whole story. Sheets was more consistent, played against a better defense. Saskatchewan had a huge time of possession advantage in the second half, controlled the entire half. Sheets' running is THE reason why.

whatever bud.

I don't need to explain myself to someone the likes of you.

Considering Saskatchewan is a better team than the Eskimos, and if the Riders come out prepared and do not take the Ti-Cats lightly, I can't see this being a problem but at the same time who's to say what sort of game plan they come out with?

I have no grudges against the Eskimos. I just don't like them. I will never like them.

And he did it on the road vs home aaannndd in some of the worst conditions we've seen in years.