Charles or Cates

Seriously, guy, Charles posts up 150 yards and 3 TDs in a game and you're ripping him for not going all-out on an interception that happened because the quarterback and the receiver weren't on the same page? :?

When was the last time Wes Cates rushed for 150 yards and 3 TDs?

For the 2009 Labour Day Classic, Cates had 160 yards from scrimmage and one touchdown. The following week he had 101 yards from scrimmage and three touchdowns. I didn't see any such games in 2010, so I think that these would be the last times.

Sorry if your question was rhetorical, but you did ask. :lol:

I hate it when a post is submited and doesnt go thru.

I was disappointed when it appeared that charles gave up. I think it was more to do with him being out of gas. He's not use to playing complete games, they were using him alot and the lactate (sp?) acid in the legs kills you instantly running wise once it kicks in. Also remember that he was only 1 of 2 Riders back there to stop the return, so he out hussled everyone else except Dressler. I assume a reciever can out run a RB over the length of the field?

Also last year on ST he tracked down McCallum when he faked a punt on third and long to stop a critical drive. I think it was the West semifinal or our last reg season game against the Lions when we needed to wrap up 2nd place.

Looks like Charles will be out against TO as well. Sounds like Brandon West will be the starting tailback.

When did we start calling our running back tailbacks in the CFL. When I was growing up with football there was the fullback and halfback. Now we call what would have been the halfback a tailback. Anyone familiar with the history behind this evolution?

for ages. A primary RB is generally referred to as the HB, blocker as FB. If the HB lines up closer to the line than the FB he is referred to as a HB, but if he lines up behind the FB (deeper in backfield) he is referred to as a TB (tail back)...basically it is a matter of formation, but yeah, I hear you...don't actually hear the term too often...generally just always referred to as a HB, which while not technically always correct makes sense as it is just easier for announcers and spectators.

what happened to Charles? this is ridiculous

I would assume that he hurt his leg on the rundown that so many are bashing him for “quitting” on…though this is pure assumption.

Accoring to the Leader Post it is an "undisclosed injury" from the 4th quarter of the Calgary game - hopefully it wasn't the backflips. Also Remond Willis is day to day and has missed 2 days of practice so he is doubtful.


so now we're down to our third string RB.

why can't they play Foord? what's wrong with him?

yeah, i just read on Willis, but it sounded to me like he wanted to practice and the coaches told him to take 2 days off...who knows.

but yeah, interesting that Foord wouldn't get the start. perhaps they are terrified about another NI getting hurt?

I would love to see Stu get the chance.

yeah, board has been acting up today.

would be sweet to see him at least get a few more looks though

:thup: :thup:

ya that's one thing I'm not impressed with. Foord is a good player, he's quick and tough as nails yet has he seen the ball yet this year? NOOO...

like why now?

I dont think Stu has the moves or speed for the position. I remember a couple of yrs ago when we used him for a game or two (cates injured?). Once the opposition saw that he would be carrying, he was consistantly shut down.

Maybe Charles did say a little too much??? ... story.html

TORONTO — The Saskatchewan Roughriders are anything but leaders in the CFL’s West Division standings and that has spawned discussion about leaders of a different sort.

“We don’t have that one leader to really yell and scream to get us hyped,? Riders running back Hugh Charles told reporters after Friday’s 45-35 loss to the visiting Calgary Stampeders. “We have (Barrin Simpson), the minister, who does his fair share, but we need more guys to be that leader and to get us motivated.?

Charles has been sidelined with an undisclosed injury since making that statement, so he hasn’t been available to the media to expand on his comments. It has been left to the members of the Riders on the active roster to respond to another hypothesis concerning the team’s struggles as the Green and White prepares for Thursday’s game against the Toronto Argonauts at the Rogers Centre.

“We’re losing,? Riders defensive captain Lance Frazier said when asked about players being motivated before games. “The guys aren’t as confident right now and you can see that. They are pressing more and you can see that as well. We’re just not winning football games. It’s affecting us as individuals, as a group, and we have to find a way to win a game.?

Teams can often turn to their captains for motivation and direction in tough times. Frazier, Mike McCullough (special teams captain) and Gene Makowsky (offensive captain) are veterans who are well-respected by each of their teammates and were therefore elected captains, but they aren’t the personality types to deliver an emotional speech that would ignite their teammates.

Makowsky, for one, feels pre-game speeches are overrated.

“What happens between the white lines is what really matters,? Makowsky said. “If it was up to speeches then you would have guys who just do that, but they wouldn’t know how to play football. It’s up to each individual to prepare the way they need to.?

Other than Simpson, there doesn’t appear to be any emotional leaders on the Riders. That could be a result of the releases and retirements of veterans such as Omarr Morgan, Jeremy O’Day, Chris Szarka and Marcus Adams during the off-season.

The Riders are still without slotback Andy Fantuz and wide receiver Rob Bagg, who were key contributors on and off the field in 2010. Fantuz is trying out for the NFL’s Chicago Bears, while Bagg is still recovering from two off-season surgeries on his left knee.

No one has stepped forward to fill their voids as players or as leaders, which may contribute to the Riders’ struggles in 2011.

“It’s one thing to talk about it. It’s another thing to get it done,? said Simpson. “We don’t need guys stepping up as mouthpieces. We need them stepping up with their pads and getting it done. That’s what we really need.?

Basically, the Riders have reached a point where talk no longer works. They have to show leadership through their actions.

“We’ve said everything that we can say,? Frazier said. “We’re tired of talking about it because it’s becoming repetitive. When you’re one-and-six there aren’t too many guys making plays. To be a leader, you have to be a playmaker and you have to show the way to get it done. We do have some guys who are making plays, but are they doing it enough to be vocal leaders? I wouldn’t think so. The guys aren’t down on one another. We’re just searching for answers.?

Both teams are looking for answers. The Riders, Argonauts and B.C. Lions are all tied for the league’s worst record. No matter what happens, one of the aforementioned three teams will make the playoffs.

“Or two,? said Riders head coach Greg Marshall. “These games are important, but we’re not thinking that far down the season. We’re just looking it as an opportunity to win a game before our bye week to take away some of the bad taste that it’s everyone’s mouth. Hopefully we can use it as a springboard for the rest of the season.?

Regina Leader-Post ... z1VLPMfFCT

there have been times when he got in where he made some big plays at the RB spot. they wouldn't have brought him on when they did if he didn't have the speed or the ability to play RB.

it's the whole Canadian Ratio crap that gets in the way.

I would say it is the Canadian ratio that puts him on the team. He has skill, don't get me wrong, but there is only a handful of Canadians that would actually play w/o the rule. He has come in and made some nice plays, partially because teams are not expecting him to get the ball. His longest run is 18 yards.

Toujours difficile de choisir entre deux joueurs qui nous servent bien.

Charles est un peu plus explosif, mais Cates attaque mieux la ligne défensive. Cates a plus la capacité de créer des ouvertures, tandis que Charles a plus la capacité d'aller chercher le long gain.

Je crois que les Roughriders ont besoin des deux, selon la situation et le type de jeu en vue. Mais qui écoperait alors pour avoir les deux dans la partie?

Exactly...follow the Stamps example...use both.