Charles or Cates

I know its to early to make a decition for who starts when Cates heals up but who do you think should get the starting job?

Personaly if Charles keeps it up it will be a no brainer to let him start.

What about you guys?

Use both during game. Charles looked winded during that interception return. He had 154 all purpose yards. That is very good.

Charles played very well, he surprised me with the short yardage runs as he wasn’t stuffed short once. He seems pretty comfortable catching the ball and I also saw a noticeable improvement in his blocking. That all being said, there’s still a place for Wes Cates on this team, and if we can manage to get them both on the roster that is a huge bonus.

Using Charles does free up more cap as well


We need both. Cates is extremely important to or offense. Plus his blocking abilities are top knotch. I don't know why we don't deploy more plays using 2 backs - O right I forgot DB is our OC.

charles is our new back or should be, cates has a place on team but not the go2 guy anymore no burst like charles!

I'm on the five yard line, I need a score to win the game, I want Cates.

No dis to Charles.

Charles had a good game and he did do a nice triple flip inthe end zone even though it cost us 15 yards but that does not merit him supplanting Cates. Charles is not much of a blocker and he does have apropensity to fumble - which it was refreshing to see that he was fumble-free last night.

Agreed. Or Neil Hughes.

I still think they should have given 3 cracks at running from the 5.

I have seen it before, with I would see it want a short yardage threat...put in a DL as a RB. 260-300lb coming at you like a freight train is a tough thing to stop. One team I played for used to use an OL, but that takes away an OL when you need him...but I never did see him get stopped for under probably 1.5 yard in around 30-35 carries

Charles's flips didn't cost you 15 yards. It was Chris Best getting an unsportsmanlike after the Riders scored in the fourth quarter that resulted in the 15-yard penalty.

Well that is good to know. Sitting in the stands I couldn't make out who the penalty was on. I just went with the flow when others said it was for the flips. Either way it still doesn't change my opinion with regard to Cates and Charles.

Start both Running backs and bench Getzlaf or Nunn… :lol:

bench nunn, start both agree, getzlaf will turn this around he can make the amazing catch he's just pushing to hard on the easy 1's looking for the yak yrds! look at his drops the yak catches not the hard 1's!

Charles only plays complete games when Cates is injured. He has shown when given a Cayes injury that he can catch, and finds the seams up the middle. He is way faster and can break around the ends, he can return punts, his only weak area right one is blocking. EVERY RB has stated the more touches they get in a game, the better they play and they get better as the year goes on. Charles future is much brighter then Cates. Best maybe needs a shot or that newRB we just got. I likeCates but we have to do what is best for the team.

totally agree but on certain plays we can use cates blocking! or, drop him free up cap space get chick back! ooooooo i like the later better! cates has served us well, but when yur dun yur dun! as gm i'd be spnding over cap space or giving huge signing bonuses to get some great talent, we got da monies & fans want a winning product! but get a real head coach and OC first! boy u dummies got lots of area's to work on, what even 1 positive do you have? even your stars durant, dressler, you arn't using properly, yur fools, losers & gotta go! total failures! shameful, disgustig, embaressing!

Both backs can get the job done. Its our receivers that need help, and lots of it. DD and Hill had good games, WD does what he can. The rest are just filler, and defences know this.

I’ve been a big Charles fan for 2 years. I say again, use them both like Calgary does.

Charles only weak skill is blocking. Remember this guy only play a couple games a year. The more touches he gets the better he’ll become. Cates and Best maybe need to compete for number two. Hard to believe (under Tillman) we had Thigpen here once.

I'm still mad at Charles for not giving it his all on that interception return. He basically gave up, while Dressler was busting his ass trying to get him. And then I see him do 3 flips in a row. If you can do 3 flips, you can sprint for 110 yards, especially when you are in a good position to catch the guy.

I'll take Cates for sure. I like consistency more than showmanship.