Charles, Messam, Boyd. What should the Esks do with them ?

I did not include McCarty in this list as he is not of starter or even back up Quality and is now the esks FB/TE.
They have gotten all three onto the 46 man roster under the cap. The only one that they would trade would be Boyd but thats how they got him in the first place Toronto could not find any takers, so a trade is out.
Including McCarty there are only 4 RB on the roster so there really isn't any need to release Boyd.
At the very least they will be able to keep boyd on the 46 as a healthy scratch insurance policy in case of injury.

What does everyone envision for the roles that each will play in the final 8 games and possibly playoffs ?

Boyd will be the odd RB out vs Hamilton. As for a trade; Boyd/with another player/draft picks is the way I see things [before Oct.10th] - Charles has earned his spot/blocks well/good hands - Messam needs the O-Line to win more battles.

^^ I think Boyd will eventually be the one released/traded/whatever. I'm beginning to wonder why Tillman even brought him in.


This is right on the money :thup:
Wouldn't mind seeing Messam as a tight end either.

Could be some trans-action during/or after the practice roster increases from 7 to twelve. Maybe Tillman’s game plan.

Trade Boyd to Winnipeg. If the rumours are true about him and team mates in the Toronto dressing room, He'll fit in with the Three Ring Circus in Winnipeg, and I'm sure Joe Mack has a few bad trades left in him.

They have been able to fit all three on the roster and Boyd being the player that will be gone at the end of the season would be the only one they would trade but unless someone loses there RB to an injury I find it unlikely that anyone would give anything up for him considering he will be a free agent at the end of the season. Saskatchewan is the only team that really does not have a quality back up RB to start for a stretch of games as they have gone exclusively with Sheets all season and Jock Sanders has become the in game back up to give Sheets a blow when he needs one.
From what reed has said it appears the current strategy would be to dress two of them with the 3rd being a healthy scratch, I imagine that would be Boyd at this point, giving them an insurance policy in case of injury to the other two.
I am a Little surprised that they have not given point a chance to be at least the Kick Off returner. Kavis Reed really did not want Burnett doing any returning and focus on playing CB but his two mishaps on kick offs aside the other option has been Koch who is terrible. Boyd returning KO would allow Burnett to focus on CB duties and just Punt returning and give Boyd a productive role and a reason to dress him every game. They do have the space for him as a 2nd import RB on the roster but that apparently has not come to mind for the esks, Boyd may not want to do it , or they tried it and he didn't work out.
No matter where they trade him now he would not be a starter and if saskatchewan was not interested the first time they most likely are not interested now for a trade especially since they have just been involved with Edmonton and the Carr trade.

Am i reading this correctly or did i miss something :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

Yes Hybrid REC/RB Sanders ligned up at Tailback several times. I do not think that he would be an every down RB if sheets were to miss a game but as an in game fill in the riders beleive he can do the job reason why Brandon West has not dressed almost all season

He may have been referring to your unintentional double entendre. :lol:

Haha... now i see woops that does not sound right

As Jerry Seinfeld would say "not that there's anything wrong with that" just not my cup of Tea.

Charles/Boyd as RB's - run the ball... Messam/D. Brown as the FB's thus block and catch out of the TE position. Enough already with the Hodge/Podge; Jyles/Nichols and lets run/shoot with it. That's my rant idea inside the igloo. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Esks are in trouble and the predictions that they were going to have a terrible season with Jyles at QB are beginning to come true. Every team is geared 100% to stop the run and make whoever is QB pas the ball. Crandle has seen the defense stacking the box and giving Joseph the grenn light to throw giving him stats but not W.
Crandle will have to go with the run strength and make the defense stop them with the hope that their run game is so good they will not be able to stop it. The pass game would include an extension of the run game with short passes screens letting the running backs run for yardage after the catch. Control the ball keep the scores low and keep the defense fresh for the forth qtr to hold the small leads.
I do not think that is going to work anymore though

AS per John MacKinnon/Chris O’Leary; Esks bring in Offensive advisor David Kelly NCAA to work with Crandell. mmmm

They can bring in anyone they want but if Jyles can not throw a pass 20 yards with accuracy then the esks will not win and fred stamps will be unhappy

Change the damn rules CFL so teams can stack themselves with also more running backs!

Right now note the injuries to Kackert and to Whittaker as cases in point.

It's a good thing Toronto had at least Riggs Jr., and Montreal has someone behind Whittaker, or then what?

Imagine if Charles, Messam, or Boyd got hurt as is a risk run any given game? Messam and Boyd have an injury history and might be fragile too, but you never know and missing a decent back really can screw up an entire offence whether it is high-flying like Montreal's or ugly game management at its best like Edmonton for most of its games.

Whitaker's backup - #20 Victor Anderson.

You may see the CFL rosters expand by two possibily which would get anothr import an another non import on the game day roster should they be able to go with a 48 man roster and 44 man game day roster.
Also Canadian players are getting much better to the point where the standard 3 interior OLine man 2 receivers and a safety being the main spots for 6 out of the 7 positions for the ratio.
The O Line man are beginning to extend to the skill level to be able to start at RT as well. More Canadian DTs are also able to start as well as the receivers no longer being just the 3,4, or 5 receiver. Many are jumping to become a teams number two receiver. Canadian RBs are also beginning to be able to play half back effectively. Cornish, Harris and Messam are now on equal level with their counter part imports and there are more Canadian RBs able to be effective back up RBs.
But the key will be along the O and D lines where teams will have Canadians able to start at RT and also hold a starting spot on the D Line as well as in the rotation.
There are alot of Draft picks that are able to play RT allowing teams to have 4 out of 5 NIs on the O Line.
Montreal of course has the all Canadian line. SASK has had Patrick Neufeld start the season as a reserve but just beat out Chris Patrick at RT. J'Michael Deane has gotten his chance due to injury and has taken advantage and will be a hot commodity when he is a free agent with the ability to play RT. Although Toronto may have its doubters about their O line they still start Van Zyle at RT. I think that he is doing well it is the interior line in which they are weak at.
The esks are also planning for an all Canadian Line and signing a 6'9" Oddonell they may indeed have a RT shortly.
I see teams going with 4 NI's on the Oline an one import at LT as the new trend.
Also having at least two DTs on the D line to keep at least one Dline spot as a ratio position. Edmonton has basically used an Import and a NI at DT but the rotation players at DT are NIs keeping one spot on the Dline as part of the ratio.
Calgary starts 9 NIs so they have plenty of flexibility

I assume this is just wishful thinking on your part. There has been nothing coming out of the league or the CFLPA to indicate a roster expansion is coming. Personally I'd like to see the rosters reduced to 38 or 39+4, but that's just as unlikely as an expansion, IMO.