Charles back in the fold

Great to see Hugh added to practice roster. Should have enough left in the tank and can push the younger guys knowing a vet is in the mix. Really like this move.

Should bring out the best in all the RBs :thup:

Personally I don’t think he is all that good, a lot of flash, but not a lot of substance. I’m welcome to be proven wrong though.

Charles if the perfect addition. He will not have to start and be a second change up back to likely Tosten. Charles also offers a Kick off returner while Ryan Smith can also double as a 3rd or 4th import receiver while returning punts.

Charles is also an excellent receiver and could begin to work on being more of a hybrid playing in the slot. Since his career at Colorado he has been productive in rushing, receiving, and Kick off returns everytime he has been called upon.

I would not count Marshay Green out of the mix but he will have to prove that he can also win a spot on the roster as a DB. His return game in pre season looked great but really did not hear much about his DB play.

Dressing only one player who can play Tailback and ride himhard for 18 games is very dangerous as the Riders found out last year with Sheets. When Sheets returned Sanders pick up some of the load at TB while returning and the Riders offense went into the playoffs unstopable.

I feel the same as Billy, I mentioned in another thread nada for Hugh, for practice roster not bad choice though.

Interview with Chamblain today he revealed that he wants to have two RBs on the roster using that 1-2 punch that they finished with last season. Also mentioned that Charles has return abilities which could be very helpful in getting two RBs on the roster.

Other teams with two Rbs that will be on the roster.

Toronto at the very least will have one import and Coombs.

Calgary had Cornish and Walter least year for spot duty as well as playing teams and they have added a 3rd in Snaders who will do the returning.

BC has the Harris Logan one two punch.

Montreal could have Whitaker and Lumbala upgrade to spot time at RB as well as playing teams like his former Dino teamate Walter.

EDM had two last year and looks to do the same this year

Ott is a mystery Walker will start but then what.

WIN Grisby and national Volney is still trying to be productive

I like this signing, right now real good ... lets see how it plays out

I like it as well. He played well in EDM even as a feature back in 2012 before the ESKS blew up.
Last season still good season split some time in the Backfield and went back to returning Kick offs as well.
He fits in with the philosophy and at just 28 proved he can still play last year. Running,Catching, and returning as the second back on the roster.


always said it. Like i said in another thread…the Esks cut him for rooks and a basically rook.

That said, from what I saw of Allen…Charles is an upgrade. At least it is someone to battle for the job. Toston is still likely #1. I also though Hughes EARNED more touches last season. He shocked a lot of people…I think everyone knew he had skill, but exceeded most people’s hopes…they simply didn’t run enough w/o Sheets.

Im on the fence on this one to be honest. To me if he was traded to the Eskimos there had to be a good reason. I'm willing to hold judgement until the dust settles. I just hope it's not Durant laying on the field when it does. Test him hard in practice and if he misses more then one blitz package cut him like a bad habit.
Teams knows the knock he has for not blocking and will come hard early and probably often to test him. We can't afford to lose Durant because he wouldn't commit to picking up the blitz. If he does well then go from there.

He wont be the starter he will be the 2nd guy change up scat back type. Jock Sanders was also not known for any good blocking ability but was very useful as the change up hybrid back and returner. This would be the spot that Charles will fill.

That may be the intention but he still needs to be able to make blocks. Sure you may have him in for certain packages but lots of times you have to change it up at the line. He has to recognize it and know who to pick up on a blitz. Like I said if he shows he can and is willing to do so in practice great, give him a shot but if he doesn’t or won’t then don’t risk Durant’s health on him. Time will tell how this plays out I guess.