Charle Taffe Team Loses last Game

The final touches were put on Pitt's late-season collapse by Louisville yesterday as the Cardinals pounded the Panthers, 48-24, at Heinz Field.

Here how Pit did this Season..

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Actually, Charlie Taafe was not a coach for Pitt this year because he was still on the payroll at Maryland. Taafe was more in the position of "advisor" much like Bill Walsh with the 49ers a few years back.

Without him, Maryland had a decent year, but was outgained by every single Div-IA team that they played this years according to the announcers of their last two games.

Pitt does not appear to have good players, tough players, or a good strength program. I doubt that Charlie will want to return, which is good for Hamilton, because he has already been offered the job.

He has until December 1st to make up his mind.

How do You Know this For shure ?

In view of what I'm looking at in this thread, I'm not so sure that Charlie Taaffe is the right man to coach our Ticats, what do you think? Am I missing something?

I think you are missing the fact that Marcel Desjardins worked with him in Montreal,knows his capabilities and can work well with him. I cannot imagine Marcel wanting to hire a loser.I believe the front office has looked good and hard for what we all want in a coach. For me, either Charlie Taafe or Greg Marshall (the other) would fit in well and provide the Tiger Cats with the strength and knowledge the team needs at this stage.

The Problem with Marshall is He's Never been a Head Coach Marcel what someone who been there .
Something Charley has Done

Because I know. Because it happened. I think that he would be a great choice. I also think Greg Marshall would be a great choice. However, Charlie, not Greg has been offered the job. Greg would certainly want the job, and would certainly be great. But I know that is what happened.


SteelTiger returns!

Or is it MacMahon?

Must be a conspiracy.

I don’t see the fact that “Marshall has never been a head coach” as a problem, if Charlie Taafe is not available. I think Marshall(the other)is ready to move up into a Head coaches job and would make a darned good one. Other than the way Greg Marshall(the first) was hired, how do you get head coaches in the first place if you don’t promote good assistants? But…as you say…maybe Marcel only wants an experienced head coach whether its Charlie or not.
If Charlie is hired as Head Coach, maybe he and Marcel would want Marshall (the other) as a defensive co-ordinator. Some more $ and no Winnipeg winters might be enough to get him. :wink:

Actually, Charlie's boys lost their last 5 games...

How do you know Taaffe has been offered the job? I've seen nothing about this anywhere.

I just read up on Charlie Taaffe's Bio and I must say, it would be very pleasing to me if he was the Hamilton Tigercat Head Coach.

The sooner we get this position nailed down, the sooner we can get to work on rebuilding the team.

I use the term, "WE", because it's our team and we're paying the freight.