Charging in advance for a home playoff date

I wonder if this might be a good idea here. But then, under the Bob Young helm, we don’t know if our stands wouldn’t be full for a playoff game here (I honestly don’t think so but who knows, maybe we aren’t snow lovers either here??)

[b]"Perhaps the most ingenious move made by the club’s ticket office is to charge season-ticket holders for a ticket to a home playoff game instead of begging and chasing them to buck up again when the snow flies in November and they contemplate watching it from the comfort of their homes.

Too often the stands have been empty for the biggest home date of the year. If the Stamps don’t host a game, the team will refund your money or use it as a credit for the following season’s tickets."[/b]

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I think this is one of the biggest differences between Canadians and Americans. Americans aren’t “on the trigger” as much as Canadians to find an excuse why not to spend some money and sit outdoors for an event when the snow flies or the weather isn’t as cheery as a bright summer day. Why this is, I’m not exactly sure but I do see this difference on average much of the time.

That would be an interesting thought re the charging for a home playoff game upfront and implementing a surcharge for Labour Day. I could see that doing a couple of things.

  1. It could spur the front office on to ensure that it does in fact happen, so we may see better talent.

  2. It would show our commitment to the team and give them a little larger pool of money to make #1 happen

  3. It might make a few more people who are on the bubble think about purchasing Seasons tickets if they are unable to buy cheap seats for the Labour day game. With seasons as low as $125 if you have to shell out $35-60 for a single ticket for that one game it would average the cost of the other 9 games out to as low as $5-6 each.

  4. It would give/show Seasons ticket holders more value in their tickets since all our tickets would be the same price with no Labour Day surcharge.

  5. If they didn’t get a home playoff date then I would be fine with it rolling over to a credit for next year which could be an incentive for the following seasons renewals.

I’ve thought for years that they should do that. I think Edmonton does it.
Why force yourself to try to sell 28000 tickets in a week or two when you can have half of them sold in advance?