Charges Stayed Against ex-Rider Eric Guliford(short article)

Charges stayed against ex-Roughrider
Published: Tuesday, March 20, 2007
The provincial Crown has stayed a domestic assault charge against former Saskatchewan Roughrider Eric Andre Guliford.

Guliford, 37, was informed of the Crown’s decision to stay the charge when he appeared in Regina Provincial Court on Tuesday.

Provincial Court Judge Kenn Bellerose told Guliford the stay means the charge no longer exists. The Crown has the option to revive the charge within the next year.

Guliford played with the CFL's Roughriders from 1999 to 2001. He is also a former NFL receiver and kick returner.

Any "criminals" play for the 'Smoes?

A second chance

Esks not worried about Shabazz

The Edmonton Eskimos are hoping Siddeeq Shabazz can perform on the field this season - and avoid any further problems off the field.
In need of help in their secondary and linebacking core, the Green and Gold formally announced Shabazz's signing yesterday.
But his football talents have often been overshadowed by his altercations with the law in the U.S.
Before being drafted by the Oakland Raiders, Shabazz was charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment and battery in 2001.
"It wasn't as bad as it sounds," said Shabazz from his home in New Mexico yesterday. "It was just a stupid, childish situation that now I have learned from and am way above now."
The charges were eventually dismissed in 2005 when probation was completed.
But last year Shabazz made headlines in New Mexico again for being involved in a police investigation into an alleged assault at a Wal-Mart.
"That was a ridiculous situation that got really blown out of proportion," he explained. "I haven't really talked about it. My lawyer actually said not to really talk about it, but no criminal charges were pressed."
Eskimo head coach Danny Maciocia confirms the club did a background check on Shabazz.
"He has learned from his past and we don't feel like it is going to be an issue in the upcoming year," said the coach on his cellphone from Florida.
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Obviously the Riders can't control what their players do off the field, I am in no way trying to start an argument. I just find it funny how there have been so many incidents with their former or current players within the last year or so.

This is an instance involving a player who played for the Riders six seasons ago. If you are in no way trying to start an argument, esks, why bring up such a comment in the first place? Current and former players are human, and do idiotic things just like the rest of us. I'm sure if we wanted to spend the time, we would find that no team is pristene.

Yes, clearly you had no interest in starting an argument when you post a tiny article about an ex-player from several years ago--who was actually having charges dropped by the way--and use misleading and loaded language like" more criminals associated with Riders" in your thread title.
Guliford is not a Rider, nor is he a criminal.
Now not only are we responsible for the actions of players and their off-field activities, but also for the actions of former players?
Get real!
And we have had one guy--just one--convicted of a criminal offence in the last 8 years.
And does anyone care to wager on whether any Eskimos--current or ex-- are currently having unprotected sex with at risk partners or are beating their wives/girlfriends/life partners ?

While you might find it funny how many "incidents" the Riders have had in the last few years, I find it funny that so many 'Smoe fans are concerned about the Riders when as the article I posted ought to leave them concerned about their own house...
Let me know when you move out of that glass one...

If somebody isnt found guilty, he isnt guilty. get a grip and quit being a total jackass

.....cue larry, raggin' on the Rider fans for whining.....

Sorry ESKS123, I have to agree with the flatlanders on this one, you can dig up dirt on any team, just have to look under the grass. NO team has the moral high ground in this or any other league. Let's stick to football and cut out the mudraking.

Former Canadian Football League star Dan Kepley has been charged with impaired driving and other offences.
Edmonton Police said Kepley, 46, was arrested Wednesday after they pulled over a car that was being driven erratically.

He was in his day the wildest, most dangerous man to play in the Canadian Football League. His Edmonton Eskimos teammates were so certain of that they used to say Craig Shaffer was bound for prison the moment he stopped playing. Turned out they were right.The man who crashed running backs and cars with equal abandon, who drank, did drugs and fought just for the fun of it spent six years in the maximum-security prison in Marion, Ill., where Pete Rose did his time for filing false tax returns and where mob boss John Gotti did his for racketeering.
"I screwed up," Shaffer said in a voice that is as raspy and worn as his past. "They were trying to put me away for 180 years. I got nine years and did six. When I got out, I said, 'I ain't going back.' ''

Gus Alevizos will wait until next month to find out how long he will spend in prison for trafficking ecstasy after a sentencing hearing Tuesday in Newmarket.
Mr. Alevizos, 43, previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy to traffic drugs. He has been linked to sales of at least 500,000 pills.

EDMONTON (CP) - A lawyer for football player Elfrid Payton demanded Tuesday that an assault case against the CFL star lineman be halted, charging that the Crown attempted to crush'' his client in a serious miscarriage of justice. Prominent defence lawyer Robbie Davidson accused a senior prosecutor of denying Payton his constitutional rights by deliberately withholding evidence from Payton when the player represented himself at his trial on an assault charge. The Crown's behaviour throughout has been to basically deny any misconduct, in light of incontrovertible evidence of unbelievable prosecutorial misconduct,'' Davidson told provincial court Judge Lloyd Malin. The case goes back to November 2002 when Payton was charged after an altercation in a Boston Pizza parking lot in downtown Edmonton. Payton, who now plays for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, was with the Edmonton Eskimos at the time. He was not in court for Tuesday's hearing.

Yes, sadly I have to agree too. We got a Black eye out here when Keith Franklin was convicted of sexual assault.

Sigh, everyone has a rotton egg or two.

Tsk, tsk!!
Those Eskimos!!
What a disgrace to the CFL.................

Dont forget about Hector Pothier, who was arresed in Winnipeg for possession of marijuana. Esks123, do you need more skeletons to come out of the closet? You know what they say about people who live in glass houses....

Now see what you did 123, you open the loony bin and you just can't control what jumps out. If there is a point to this thread I don't see it. This is the place for Mods to step in and end the idiocy.

This is in a way CFL-related news guys(by the way I found this out at Trust me guys, I don't like starting arguments, and I never really participate in any that start up on these forums. I clearly understand that every team in the league has or had players like this. To prevent any more confusion or whatnot I won't reply anymore in this thread.

Its fine that you add this article to the forum. I think what is the poroblem was the original title to this thread. And your general attitude, saying that the Riders had something to do with this and that they only hire criminals or along those lines. The title has since been change. You say you didn' want to start something, yet you posted about a rider, who hasn't played for about 3-5 years (i forget) yet you thought he was recent. Your intent5ions were bad, but i give you credit for owning up to it slightly/.
It doesn't matter though, the esks will once again enjoy the off season by watching the other three west teams playing.

haha! i hope so!

Don't bet on it.

Why not?

Hope in one hand and crap in the other, see which one fills up first.

Ok this is getting out of control.