Charges dropped on Boden

All charges were dropped yesterday on Boden.

Seeing as how the Lions are in need of a receiver do you think Wally will bring him back?

In 2007, Bolden appears decent as young and talented Canadian backup receiver. If Bolden can play better than current receivers, why not bring him back?

I don't think wally will bring him back. There must be more to the story than what we know.

Tough call.

Would Wally give him a second chance?

Chances are Boden will catch on with another team. I would guess Hamilton could use a good Canadian receiver.

He's already had his fair share of chances.

This cat is out of 9 lives.

I agree, Wally gave him chances and he blew it. The kid has an attitude problem and I can't see another CFL team picking up a troublemaker. Other teams will look into his background. This guy is an NFL wannabe anyway.

I don't see Wally bringing him back. Far to many chances for this kid. It doesn't matter that the charges were dropped, Boden put himself in a postion to cause controversy which looks bad on the organization. And from what I have heard, there is much more to the story between Wally and Boden than what we heard in the media.