Chargers maybe headed for the hills

Big stadium issues it seems:

"It's hardly amazing that the Chargers are down to one option. Think of where they are. They can continue to play in Qualcomm, but how long can they compete there? A possible salary-cap-free season could be coming up, which means the big guys – the New Yorks, Washingtons, Dallases, New Englands, et al. – could go fiscally berserk. The Chargers can't.

“We've got major stars to re-sign and people expect them to be re-signed,? Fabiani says. “But we have to generate enough revenue. We're in a business where people expect us to win. How do we keep up? Salary caps for some teams could be increased by the tens of millions.

“There's a world for a team with an old stadium – a world where you're consistently behind. It's a world you see in baseball all the time.?

And this isn't baseball. It's reality."

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One of many examples of why it is harder to be interested in sports as it was in the past. I stopped watching baseball after the '94 strike and what it did to the Expos. If the NFL goes down the same road, I'll have to give it up as well.

They'l move to LA....
This will increase the non-exsitant chances of the Bills moving to TO from fat chance.

Marty York Reports that Bill Rogers, Third Cousin to Ted Rogers who owns BC Sugar will have the Sandiego Chargers play 5 legague games and 8 exhibition games at BC Place. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Why does everyone rip Marty..... Atleast he sincerly gives a damm about the CFL..... I cringe everytime I see Naylor on TSN(knowing he's just doing it for the paycheque)

Everyone rips Marty because he is a big blowhard who is quite frequently making crap up.

And, he starts so many rumours that are so far from the truth.......

I thought I covered that with the "making Crap up" :lol: :twisted:

Its been a tough day Billy :wink: :wink:

Its hot outside, and us retired folk ain't used to working in this heat! :wink:

The chargers won’t move ot LA because the only stadium’s that are NFL ready are the Colesium in LA and the Rose Bowl in Pasadena…I’m been to both and the rose bowl is nice but has no box or corporate seats and bench seating without back rest for 50% of the seats. The colosium is so out of date and in need of upgrades that the USC trojans are actively searching for a new stadium to play in.

Wow, didn't know that about the Trojans even wanting out of the Coliseum. Weird, you'd think in a city the size of LA you wouldn't have that problem, and with the money in that town. Strange.