Chargers hire former stamps QB as head coach

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Can't let Montreal get all the press. LOL

Yup, CFL just isn’t a good place to come to play if you’re an American, or coach. :roll: :roll: :roll:

I cant find anywhere that says he actually played.

not has he coached in the cfl.

cfl connection amounts to nothing.

he was a backup qb. I don't recall him getting any playing time but that was a long time ago. even his wiki page barely notes his CFL involvement. it just made me giggle a little when the radio said two CFL people became NFL head coaches this off season

Mike McCoy:

Buono was Calgary's head coach in '99 when McCoy arrived and quickly found himself under centre with injuries to regulars Dave Dickenson and Henry Burris. McCoy adjusted quickly, completing 117 of 183 passes (63.9 per cent) for 1,669 yards with 10 TDs and just two interceptions.

At season's end, Buono wanted McCoy to return but the then 28-year-old quarterback abruptly retired to become an offensive assistant coach with the NFL's Carolina Panthers.

I remember him wanting coaching aspirations. I think he was almost coaching in Calgary.

San Diego with QB Phillip Rivers is a perfect fit for McCoy. Rivers is a Big arm NFL style QB like Manning so bringing the offense from this season Broncos will give the Chargers and Rivers a good chance to be successful. Probably the most logical hiring of any head coach this year. NFL or CFL