Chargers Cut LaDanian Tomlinson

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So, for all of those who are worried about Keith being able to return or Cobb having a full year of rough play in him... should the 'Cats try to pick up LaDanian Tomlinson?

Oh, I shouldn't be doing this. :oops:

No you should not. :wink:

But did we not learn anything from the Ricky Williams experiment?


Who's concerned about Cobb? He played the full season. I don't see it being a problem.

I don't think he's interested in playing in the CFL.

Please say you're kidding.. a player like that would never ever come to the CFL. You can be sure the only reason he was cut was either he asked to be or didn't want a new contract. He will for sure have many offers from other NFL teams.

Let's weight his options.. play for 2-3 hundred thousand a year in the CFL or 5-10 million per year in the NFL. Tough one..

At least you made me laugh. :slight_smile:

He's not going to play for the CFL salary but I do think he could be a premier back in the CFL, he has the quickness and speed no question.

Oh my, even Zen bit on this one. Yes guys... I was kidding. I just thought that I would be the first to post it.... or somebody else would have done it seriously. Sheesh.... a serious post? What would that do to my reputation?

Of course LT would never come, Ricky Williams never did did he? Ok, he sort of had to, that's different I suppose, LT doesn't have kids all over the place does he? :wink:

LT Lost some Speed He'll end up in Houston IMO.

Or Cleveland....

Redskins? Clinton Portis has a pretty big contract up there that the redskins might want to ditch and take LT to combine with Ladell Betts.

Eagles? Rumours are Brian Westbrook might be on outs with the concussion problems he suffered from last season, LT could compliment last seasons rookie LeSean McCoy.

Patriots? They have a thing for veteran Runningbacks, and they like to have quite a few backs on their roster, With Fred taylor getting up there they could go with LT, Maroney, and sammie morris.

The reason i say those teams is because ladanian tomlinson is no longer a feature back, he's someone you have in your backfield as part of a good 1-2 punch.

Also, i think a guy like tomlinson wants to go to good appealing teams, he wants to win, which i think takes Cleveland out.

8) The 2 Million Dollar Bonus due to him on Mar.5, was obviously a major factor also. :roll:

A)_ NFL players are no better than the ones we have in CFL! :stuck_out_tongue:

(In the spirit of the original post)

We could use another back up in case Cobb is unable to go the whole season and Keith gets injured. :wink: