Charbonneau-Campeau for Armstrong trade

Austin and co. have made some great moves but this wasn't one of them. C-C just re-signed with the Stamps. Armstrong didn't break camp with the Cats. What struck me is that C-C had a respectable 7 special team tackles in 14 games. The reason for the trade was supposed to be that he wasn't a good special teams player and Armstrong was.

But can't complain about the Cats on special teams this year.

You win some, you lose some.

I agree, Earl. There is no GM in this league that can claim a perfect record in this regard.

CC had a chance to carve out a place for himself when Fantuz went down in 2013 and Stala out of the picture. Did nothing, showed nothing, played soft and blew his opportunity. GMs and coaches call it "spitting the bit".

Its the exact scenario that gets a CDN kid traded. If he was american he would have been cut.

Your right Earl, Austin has been getting the upper hand in the trade, but Armstrong for CC was not one of them. If I was Austin I would go after Spencer Watt. Coats has shown nothing and the kid from Queens is a project.

If they can't sign Giguere then Watt would be good. But there aren't a lot of other free agent National receivers out there. There are at least four good receivers in the draft: Demski, Durant, Richards and Varty. My guess is that they will go that way and then use either free-agency or trading some of their DL strength for their immediate needs on the OL while drafting a bunch of O-LInemen in the later rounds.

For sure. And we won this one. Armstrong had big potential when drafted but the time off for military duty really set him back.
But remember C-C was not starting until Sinopoli got hurt and depending on how that plays out may again be back to special teams and spot duty. Does make it easier for us if Sinopoli signs in Ottawa as rumours say he will.

Exactly, With Fantuz and Giguere. He would not have played anyway, except as injury reserve. Better to let the kid have an opportunity somewhere.

With Fantuz often injured, CC should have has an opportunity to play more. Good Canadian receivers are hard to find, it looks like the scouting report for Armstrong was wrong. Was there due diligence before the trade, I don't think so. Before you pull the trigger you need to be 100% sure the trade makes sense.

Wasn't Charbonneau-Campeau moved because we picked up Giovanni Aprile?

He did and flunked the audition. The fact Austin unloaded him knowing how usefull CDN depth is says everything you need to know about SCC and his time in HAM.

We got nothing and gave very little. Oh well...NEXT

The two trades happened 3 weeks apart from each other last January.The Charbonneau for Armstrong trade was done first on Jan. 6
The Aprile for Bucknor trade was done on the 28th of Jan. So in answer to your question,The answer it seems would be No as C.C was traded first before we acquired Aprile from the Bombers. An interesting side note to all this is the fact that the team released Dave Stala on the 9th of January and he signed a day later with the Al's and Coates was signed on Jan.29th So if you look at the timetable,our Cdn receiving core depth from the 2013 season changed drastically approx a year ago this January. That's a lot of movement of personnel when you consider that compared to last year this January so far has been strangely quiet with nothing going on it seems in the way of transactions or FA signings,except for the extension giving to Norwood. Hopefully no news is good news as the saying goes but it seems like a lot of other teams have been very busy this offseason re signing their potential FA's and tweaking their rosters compared to the Cats.

Jan. 6/14.....Simon Charbonneau-Campeau traded to Calgary in exchange for Spencer Armstrong
Jan. 9/14.....Dave Stala released
Jan.10/14....Dave Stala signs with the Alouettes
Jan.28/14....Giovanni Aprile acquired in trade with Winnipeg in exchange for db-Matt Bucknor
Jan.29/14....Matt Coates signed by the Ti-Cats after spending time on the p.roster in 2013

The lack of motion suggests to me that there's a key piece we all don't know about.

Some major decision re ratio?
Predicated on a signing being worked on or a release being contemplated?

Sometimes - especially in the CFL - a roster falls together like dominoes once a ratio issue is resolved.

My uninformed guess, anyway.

Personally I think they are waiting on the status of Banks and Braux. That will determine how much money is left for the rest.