Charbonneau-Campeau, Davis, Hobbs & Diston

The following is copied from Transactions:

August 22
TOR ADD IMP Antareis BRYAN (DB) Baylor
TOR DEL IMP Josh GATLIN (DB) North Dakota State
TOR EXT ON INJURED IMP Josh PORTIS (QB) California U. of PA - to Monday, September 2
TOR EXT ON INJURED NIP Joel REINDERS (OL) Waterloo - to Monday, September 2
TOR EXT ON INJURED NIP Spencer WATT (WR) Simon Fraser - to Monday, September 2
TOR TRF TO INJURED IMP Shane HORTON (LB) USC - to Monday, September 2
HAM DEL IMP Emmanuel DAVIS (DB) East Carolina
HAM DEL IMP Arthur HOBBS (DB) Nebraska (Kearney)
CAL ADD IMP Greg CARR (WR) Florida State
CAL ADD IMP Jonathan WILLIAMS (RB) East Carolina
CAL ADD FROM INJURED IMP Brandon SMITH (DB) Sacramento State
CAL EXT ON INJURED NIP Keenan MACDOUGALL (DB) Saskatchewan - to Sunday, September 1
CAL EXT ON INJURED NIP Dimitri TSOUMPAS (OL) Weber State - to Sunday, September 1
CAL TRF TO INJURED IMP Freddie III BISHOP (DE) Western Michigan - to Sunday, September 1
CAL TRF TO INJURED NIP Karl MCCARTNEY (LB) Saint Mary’s - to Sunday, September 1
CAL TRF TO INJURED IMP Maurice PRICE (WR) Charleston Southern - to Sunday, September 1

TOR ADD IMP Josh GATLIN (DB) North Dakota State
TOR REM SGD IMP Antareis BRYAN (DB) Baylor
HAM REM UNS NIP Jason DISTON (WR) Burlington Jrs.
CAL REM SGD IMP Greg CARR (WR) Florida State
CAL REM SGD IMP Jonathan WILLIAMS (RB) East Carolina

I understand the release of Diston, injured, from the PR, but am surprised if the other three are, as indicated here, just outright released.

This surprises me a little too given I understand that at this time of year there are enough practice roster spots for them all. And it may just be that we will find out tomorrow that they are on the PR. But I can understand the overall direction: McCollough and Harris coming in for Davis and Hobbs; Stala getting the nod as the extra NI receiver over C-C.

Nothing surprising here. This is the typical Tiger-Cat revolving door for NI receivers and IMP DBs. It's been happening for years now.

The only surprise for me on that list was Hobbs? I thought he played pretty good but I guess with starters returning to the defensive backfield it's hard to keep your job? Diston is a good save to keep around, he's young, Canadian and has good catching hands unlike Campeau who I thought had a difficult time catching the ball and running good routes. Oh well best of luck to all the players who received the bad news and thank you for your time as a Tiger-Cat!!

I guess I read that wrong as far as Diston, I guess who was let go entirely? I thought they dropped him down to the injury list but I guess he was let go and probably due to the fact we have so much depth at Canadian Receiver's and starters retuning like Fantuz, Stala etc.

I think the other that will effect many back ups will be the cuts from the NFL camps are more players are placed on the market, have to wait and see?

Diston may well return to the team, once he recovers from the injury that saw him leave practice on crutches, Wednesday. Releasing him from the PR was likely only to open up a spot on that roster, considering the unlikelihood of his being picked up by another team during is healing time. My biggest surprise, among these moves, at this time, is Charbonneau-Campeau in that, combined with the Diston injury and release, the only non-starting NIP WR in camp is Stala.

Sounds like, according to Drew Edwards @ The Spec, (sorry can't paste link) that it's expected that SC-C, E. Davis & Hobbs may be moved to the PR.

OK. I'm no longer surprised. However, if all three were added to the PR, something's (somebody's) gotta give. Diston's release leaves eight on the PR. I expect Aaron Crawford will be activated, making two of the nine PR spots open. Then one of the other seven on the PR would have to go somewhere:

Practice Roster

Name Pos I/N HT WT Born College

18 Collins, Dobson WR Import 6.02 183 1987-07-12 Gardner-Webb
26 Bucknor, Matt DB Non-Import 5.11 180 1985-06-30 Windsor
47 Richardson, Louie DE Non-Import 6.04 220 1985-09-22 Manitoba
48 Crawford, Aaron DE Non-Import 6.04 250 1986-09-23 Saint Mary's
64 Rockhill, Carson OL Non-Import 6.06 284 1990-06-30 Calgary
69 Rice, Landon OL Non-Import 6.06 315 1988-02-28 Manitoba
75 Diston, Jay WR Non-Import 6.03 185 1990-05-10 Burlington Braves
86 Jackson, Dexter WR/KR Import 5.10 182 1986-08-05 Appalachian State
92 Scott, Sam DL Import 6.05 245 1987-06-23 West Chester

My guess would be Bucknor goes back on roster,replacing King who will be placed on I.L.

How is putting guys on the practice roster because of returning injuries a "revolving door " ?

Drew states that Hobbs and Davis are being let go to make room for McCollough and Isaac. Two DBs for a DB and a LB. I guess that puts Murray back to being a backup DB/LB? Or would it be Lawrence that gets "demoted"?

Were it to be me, it's Lawrence that gets demoted. With the way he's played so far, no way am I sitting Murray down.

Makes sense. That would still provide a backup for either LB or DB, with a DB injury requiring Murray moving back and Lawrence taking his place at LB.