Character Win.

Full stop.

Finally people can shut up about how we only beat bad teams…

Offense virtually shut down, teams and defense gives them a chance, coaching doesnt get in the way, …offense fights through it.

What teams that aren’t average do.

They put together a drive when they absolutely needed to, against a very good d. It was great to see.

Very this!!

Good teams find a way to win these games. So many times in the last few years, Calgary would have a thought game and still somehow win. It was so sweet to finally stick it to them.

Character yes for the one man show #16 he is literally carrying this team Little big man

BuT bLm WaSnT pLaYiNg

Arbuckle played more than well enough to win. Lots of drops.


Maybe Calgary is going to be a bad team this year?

Same as Edmonton was in 2018; and we had beat them early in that season.

But, yeah I"ll stay quiet for a while if we can beat Winnipeg.

Sorry, I meant to put bad in quotations. "Bad" teams. It's so early in the season, who knows where every team will end up in the standings. Teams have gone 0-5 and won the Greg Cup, and teams have gone 5-0 and missed the playoffs. Montreal could end up being a great team this year, just like Calgary could be the basement dwellers of the West.

IMO, a win is a win. Whether the other team is "good or bad" doesn't matter. A win is still 2 points regardless.