Character Win: Austin Brings It.

Austin and Steinauer have team buying into schemes and believing in them. Its about character and both coaches bring it to this team.

If you think Cortez and Creehan win this game I'd love to hear the argument.

No argument here

We can see how well Cortez and Creehan have been doing lately winning tough games! LOL!! :lol:

Guys Special teams won this game 18 pts hats off to them :rockin:

Who gives a crap about Cortez and Creehan? Also, why would anyone argue for those two? This is the most contrived attempt at a "debate" that I've seen outside of anything Skip Bayless says.

What's "contrived" ? Last year team had no character becasue they didnt believe in either one of the coaches and lost close games like this because of it especially on defense. Austin has brought a leadership style to this team that players respond to. IMO that was reflected today.

After last year fans wanted improvement - this year they have it, at least in coaching. Don''t know how much more the point can be made clearer.

Austin is a very intelligent person, and very knowledgeable football coach. At first, I thought the Cats made a mistake firing Cortez. But I now know that Austin is a head coach that is a step up from Cortez. Great hire.

I'm totally with you on all thoughts expressed here, blue tees.

We were lucky not to lose this game.
This game was NOT a character builder, light years from it!

On offense we were bad

  • we had no answer to their attacking defense(which is their style)
  • Gable was not in the game plan for some reason
  • No runs, or screens to counter blitz( get the ball to Gable)

On defense we were bad

  • we could not make a stop
  • Carter was killing us

Special teams were good

  • Lauther
  • Kendial
  • Beswick

A win is a win and I will certainly take it,
Character win, I think not

I'm not sure what game you watched, but the Offensive schemes in yesterday's game were awful, terrible, atrocious and any other descriptor of bad. A free blitzer on almost every play. No adjustment to pick it up (other than having Stala or Jones step into the backfield from a waggle to block on longer throws; hello telegraph much?) An absolute goat f**k by the coaching staff. That and that alone was the cause of the trouble on O. Not Hank, not the O-line (although they are often suspect) and not the lack of running game. The team was lucky to get Burris out of that mess without an injury.

Now, in defence of the coach, Dile over Figuroa is a losing proposition and both fullbacks out is hard to plan around. But, it's not like they only learned of these issues at game time. I would suggest that the PLAYERS won this game in spite of the coaching staff. Praise where praise is due.

Only in Ham. :roll:

Why I try and stick with the less controversial stadium stuff and where the Argos will be playing. :wink:

Hey dork,
I fully agree that there is a huge improvement in coaching (and personnel)
Our defense is much improved over last season( although yesterday it looked Creehanish)
I respectfully disagree with the title of your thread that this was a "character win"
Austin said he will improve Special teams and he certainly did!
Kudo's for bringing in Lauther and Kendial
We had some changes on the team on the "O" Line and defense due to injuries

Consider :

A heartbreaking loss last week and all the baggage that came with it. Coaches dont know until Thurs. who can or cant play. Get on a plane to a neutral site stadium, all the PR distractions, all the key players missing, rookie kicker. Losing going into the fourth then offense gets the job done both in getting back the lead and managing the ball to maintain it. Execute a trick play, improved STs....

and tell me it wasnt a character win ?

I wonder if we'll see our first line team this season healthy and ready to go.

Hey dork,
If you meant this by "Character Win" then I must reconsider and agree that it was a "Character win"

[b]"On a night where the stars & main contributors for this team so far this season were "off" or "limited" for whatever reason ... Grinders, role players, back-ups, the not-so-flashy guys ... came through and got the W for the guys who usually grab the headlines.

Some may say an ugly win ... I say it was a thing of beauty ... A real team victory ... The star players won't always have bad nights & will come back strong ... but to me it was a thing of beauty to see the "unsung" heroes come through & carry the team & secure the victory!!!"[/b]

Thanks to Fenderguy for the above statement. :thup:

Apologies to dork for misunderstanding. 8)

A win by any name is a win, we'll take it.

Luca may be looking for a job or waiting a while to play again. Personally I would keep him around if he wants to stay but 4/4 including a 40 yarder is as good as you get. Like the new return guy Lawrence. He looked much better than Moore.

Depth at o-line and secondary is still too thin and you cannot replace Figureo (sp?) easily, he is a big difference maker but has now been hurt three times so something is nagging him.

Our biggest issue in my opinion is health. Kent and Orlondo are terrific coaches. Sure every team has injury issues but our depth will take at least another year to establish i.e. the necessary personal to fit Kent and Orlondo's specific systems and that fact has been glaring with our o-line and dbs.

I hope Saturday's game is big win with our offence hopefully bouncing back from a poor game. Last year we had zero chance when we didn't score 30 plus where as this year we can win as we did yesterday (with a bounce or two I understand certainly) but with the exception of the first Saskatchewan game I sincerely believe we can beat anybody in the league.

Should be a lot of fun over the next few weeks. I love being a truly competitive team for the first time in several years in all three phases now.



Have to agree. We blitz they drop it off and go for yards. But, we have some characters on the team and we won.

My sense of this debate:

  1. Montreal is not very good.
  2. Cats are still a 'work in progress' on defence.
  3. O-line without Figueroa is not the same as with Figueroa.


  1. Our team executed the trick play with panache and guts (usually those have gone against us in the last few years).
  2. Our new kicker goes 4 for 4 in his first ever start.
  3. The mistakes that Hank sometimes makes when we just need a field goal to take a two possession lead in the fourth quarter didn't happen.
  4. in fact, Hank executed a well managed drive in the last few minutes and Lauther nails the field goal. This is exactly the type of game that we would have found a way to lose over the past few years.

Overall, I'm happier with this team than any of Bellefeuille's .500 teams, mostly because I think we're getting better every week. I always look for progress in the seasonal head-to-head rematches as it speaks to coaching. We beat Edmonton on the road in the rematch, we got better in each of the three against Winnipeg, we beat BC in the rematch. The only rematch we lost was to Sask and the second game was demonstrably better than the first. I'm really looking forward to the rematches with Calgary and Toronto the next two weeks.
I think the work in progress Defence gets better every week under Steinauer (as I expected). In spite of turnovers, we've held opponents under 30 points in seven straight games (incl. BC/BC/Calgary). Best of all, I think that the new players that we're bringing in under Austin not only show potential, but are almost game ready, and in some cases, are making an impact.

It just feels better. I think we're going to be okay this year. and continue to improve into the playoffs.
And the Cats are going to continue to build and get better and deeper with this staff.
Good times ahead. (Many years since I thought that, actually).

Agreed. A win is a win, but we could have easily lost and almost did. And against a team being let by their 3rd string QB. Great points Grover. I may catches by Ellingson(only 1 thrown his way). Continue to not utilize Stala...did you see that one grab he made? Last year he was clutch on 2nd down...he couldn't have lost that much in less than a year. Inserting LeFevour is getting very we even know if he can throw a pass? It also shows no confidence in Burris in the red zone.