Character: Austin Delivers It.

Team has heart and believes it can win under pressure. Last year they lose this game plain and simple.

Kent Austin - huge hire.


In years past,this team would have folded up in the 4th quarter or self destructed...

Not at the moment,however...

The team is still a work in progress,but,there is definate progress...

Definite consideration for coach of the year.

Finally! :thup: :rockin: that's all!

i liked his call on the pass interference challenge brings a extra twist to the usual was the ball fumbled was the player down. Gutsy call and shows hes no dummy when it comes to making decisions for his team good job kent u and the staff have the boys rounding into foroum at the right time keep going

X2 it is night and day right now as far as the poise of the staff re game management and the overall focus.

My only negative feedback is that he should smile more. With the Cats in the victory formation and the game won he still looked grim. Doesn't he show positive emotions?


I'll admit, I'm shocked that we swept the Argos in this home-and-home. Didn't think there was any chance of it.

smile when the jobs fully complete

Never mind last year, I think they lose this game two months ago.

I need to adjust my mindset (developed over many years and many squandered leads) and stop assuming that our D will collapse at the end of the game. They've now proven that they can come up big when it counts! Hopefully they like how it feels and keep doing it through the stretch run.

I'm liking Austin more and more every game. He does not give an inch to the officials, he's calm in interviews and honest in interviews and every game (even this game with a lot of injuries) he's shown he can improve this team.

Last Thursday when I arrived at my son's football game, I turned to the right and saw Kent dressed up in his Ticat track suit, his son was playing against mine. We yelled and screamed throughout the game but he just stood there calm, cool and collected.

I made a comment about a catch one of our kids made for a touchdown with a wink, in the direction of the Austins, "being Taskeresk," and his wife and he just smiled.

I thought about going over and saying hello, telling him that both my son and I are season ticket holders, etc...etc... and then I thought, you know what, all the guy wants to do probably is just watch his son play. They beat us 29-26 for their first win and we are still looking for our first and it was a terrific junior football game. Kent didn't yell and scream even when they won he just did what I did, we each hugged our sons.

When it comes to being a professional he is all business and I think he and Orlondo are terrific coaches, but more importantly when he comes to be a father he seems pretty terrific as well from what I saw.

What he's accomplished and how this team has improved -- Over the last 10 games of this season, the Cats are second only to Calgary:

Calgary 8 - 2, Hamilton 7-3, BC & Toronto 6 - 4, Saskatchewan 5 - 5, Montreal 4 - 6, Edmonton & Winnipeg 2 - 8

:thup: That's great to hear. Thanks for sharing this very nice story RevClark! :thup:

Rev: Nice story.
I was at Mac earlier this year to watch a practice. Kent Austin's wife was sitting a couple of rows from where I was, watching what was going on.
He's a lucky fella to have such support.
We are lucky to have him as a HC.


That is an awesome pic. I love it.

I have to point out that It's not just Austin. I wasn't exactly jumping up and down about our coaching staff, but I can't say enough about what a great job they have done. I really like coach Reinebold. He knows his stuff and he obviously has the players behind him. I have been impressed with what Steinauer has done with all the injuries and issues we've had. I think Austin has exceeded my expectations and I quite enjoy his sarcastic wit and his honestly. He is not all talk like so many other coaches we've had in the past. He knows how to get the best out of his players. That is what we have been missing.

There's no quit in this team. Austin just doesnt allow it.

The "cue the comeback" method does increase my greying...but I love his intensity and focus.