Chapdelaine WTF

OK, so I may sound like a broken record complaining about our OC. However what happened to him since he came back from the Esks. The guy used to run an interesting, exciting and innovative offence - he even made Casey Printers look like a superstar for a season. Now... ummm...

Last year every 2nd and 10 he had his QB throw a 3 yarder. Against Calgary we had about seven or eight in a row where he had Lulay toss up a 30-50 yard prayer. All of this with a group of receivers who can't seem to hang on to anything thrown their way at the moment.

Jacques, let me give you some advice. When you need to get 10 yards in a play, have at least ONE receiver running a 10-15 yard route; And having him as your primary wouldn't hurt either. Or let your QB call the plays on 2nd down - I'm sure we couldn't do any worse.

Seriously guy, we are trying to move the ball over here.

I don't know what games your watching man but if I could offer you a little advice it'd be this: stop watching football for the outcome and start watching the game. If you watch for the outcome alone your gonna either be swayed by disappointment or elated with victory and you won't actually see the game.

Lemme comment on a few of your statements. You say you miss the excitement of the pre-esks days when printers was around, but then complain that we're airing the ball out deep and trying to score? don't you remember the days when we did that with geroy and paris from printers and had tremendous success? And if you're bored with touchdowns in the air, didn't you see the option-toss for a TD? and the Naked boot for a TD by lulay? Those are ballsy calls that make the game exciting to watch.

On 2 and 10 defenses squat at the first down markers and give themselves room to backpeddle... they know it's going to be a pass and so they prepare to drop deep. We have some of the best mid-deep threats in the CFL so if a secondary is dropping deep and you only need 10 yards... hitting a back around 3-4 yards and letting him use his legs to pretty much fall forward anout 6-7 yards is pretty genius. Not only that but takes pressure off the QB who is getting twice the pressure in that situation because defenses are trying to force him to make a bad choice deep.

tonight's game, we did only need 10 yards, but we have the fastest receiving core in the CFL and if you were watching the game you would have noticed the defense was playing a man press. In a foot-race out of man press, I choose our receivers any day deep over any DB. Not only that, but throwing anything in the 10-15 yrd range is almost a garunteed pick.

Lastly, real games aren't like madden. The coach doesn't have a magic controller that chooses who the QB throws to and unlike madden there are rarely primary, secondary and tertiary route choices. Most offences don't look for the open man, they read what opening the defense is giving them and respond. For instance, a coach doesn't choose to throw a post because he wants to throw a post, he includes a post in a route scheme because in a cover 2 setting that post will likely be open and in a cover 1 or 3 setting that post will hold the safety and make another vertical route more available. QB's then read the defence and make the choice. The OC's job is to make sure he has a play that puts the QB in the best possible situation. In my mind, I think Chapdelaine did that; Lulay threw some awesome balls at receivers who are professionals in their craft and they need to make catches. it is that simple.

If you're going to post, know your football. watch the game more closely, drink less beer, and stop being a hater. support your team.

ok Mum

Jacques Chapesdelaine knows his stuff or he would have been gone a long time ago.

Despite that I would like to see more mis-direction in our offence to slow down the defence and a committment to running the ball at least 12-15 times per game. Too many low-percentage deep passes and not enough emphasis on ball control. Can't fault a coordinator when his receivers are juggling it like a hot potato, or briefly slowing down then putting on a burst in a last second attempt at getting to Lulay's passes. We cannot expect to win games when we make so many more mistakes than the opposition. Robertson and Simon dropped tough but catchable passes for two-point safetys and Geroy quit on one for a couple steps,. then couldn't get to it. At times Gore looks afraid to make a mistake; at other like a world beater. When he gets comfortable and develops consistency he is going ro be REALLY good, preferrably sooner rather than later. Collins dropped a sure TD earlyand while making some good plays was inconsistent. Can't understand why two healthy veterans (Paris Jackson and Kamau Peterson) are sitting while these young receivers are awash in inconsistency. For the most part the offensive line pass blocked well but failed to open holes for Robertson on the few times they gave him the ball. With six seconds left on the clock I would have tried to throw a quick one to the inside guy on the wide side and have him hit the deck immediately, to give McCallum a more realistic chance at that last second field goal. The good news is that we put up thirty-two points and got out of the game will all our offensive starters healthy. Lulay looked good again, but for a pick in the fourth quarter. Sooner or later we're going to turn these 2-4 point losses into 2-4 point wins, then 7 point wins, etc.

The defence looked great at times (3 picks, no points given up until getting fooled on the last second TD in the first half by Bishop) but were shredded on the ground on others due to solid Calgary blocking and sloppy BC tackling. Can anybody in this league stop that guy Cornish? I hate seeing veterans like Sanchez get turnstiled like he did on the Nik Lewis TD and defenders hae to play off blocks sooner and more consistently. Too much hitting and not enough wrapping up and tackling. Tough luck losing Franks and Hyland on consecutive plays. Hyland didn't look seriously hurt but might miss a game or two. Franks looks finished for the year, but who really knows, right?. Look for Corey Banks to move to Frank's halfback spot, J R Larose back to safety and maybe Jim Yurichuck will see more snaps at linebacker.

Special teams tackling, especially on kickoffs, was very inconsistent. For all his upside Brown has to wrap up the ball with both mitts when surrounded, especially near his goal line. D'Oh! Punt coverage was better but can still become more consistent. Brown also cost us field position by not letting a punt bounce at the five and probably go into the end zone for a single point. On the other hand he gave us good field position at times. Give him a crease and he can take it to the house. As usual McCallum was solid and you can't fault any kicker for missing a 57 yarder into the wind.

Twenty-six points against the Gey Cup champs and thirty against Calgary is reasonable, if not outstanding, point production and can often win games if the defence snd special teams are sharp. We needto continue improving in all three facets of our game, eapecially the turnovers!

No better time to do it that next Saturday in Edmonton at 4:00 PM local time against an improved Eskimo team.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

Being a fan of the Esks I know exactly how you feel, we said the same thing when he was in Edmonton.
I was sure happy when he left .
Chaps has no flow to his offense,and he nearly got Ray killed on every play.