Chapdelaine & Thorpe Fired

According to Tony Marino, just announced on TSN 690.

Just another day in the life of the Alouettes.

They should hold the door for Kavis also. He started this mess. What a poopshow

(1) Marinaro can be an idiot. His football BFF is Danny M so it could be wishful thinking.

(2) If true, firing BOTH is surprising as many assumed Thorpe was the HC in waiting for such a situation. Hervey as GM, Reed as HC/DC, Calvillo as OC? Also strange to do it closer to the next game than th e;last game ... on th eother hand, it was reported there was a "players only" meeting yesterday, so the results of that may have been shared with management (maybe held at their request?).

Halfway there.

Rick Moffat?
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#CFL sources suggest Rich Stubler is waiting in wings for #Alouettes opportunity. Coached Kavis as player, was DC when Reed #Eskimos HC .

Hey Johnny - how about that? No "FIRE Chap" string required!

As Bugs Bunny would say - "What a bunch of maroons!"

Maybe Stubler DC, Calvillo OC and Reed interim HC?

Or ............ maybe time for Nik Lewis to retire and start his second career??

RDS saying that TSN690 had the scoop but that it was confirmed to Didier Orméjuste

INTERIMS: Reed HC, Calvillo OC and Quick DC

Reed saving his backside.

Awesome. He did such a good job as HC when with the Esks.

Moffatt saying that Chaps and Reed never saw eye to eye along with Thorpe.

Reed broke the news to Chaps and Thorpe at 6 am this morning while they were at the office.

Could he have not saved them the early morning trip and let them know last night?

I know for a fact i wont name players, some are gone some are still around but Noel Thorpe is greatly despised by his players. Thorpe not being there anymore actually might change alot on this team.

This was Thorpe's last year under contract I believe. He wanted to leave two seasons ago and the Wettenhals would not let him go.
He's probably happy he is no longer there now and will be able to start the next phase of his coaching career (presuming he will have one).

There are players on this team past and present that he deliberately made play different positions to look dumb and easier to get cut.

I suspect he will land with Edmonton next year after Benevides is let go.
Anwar Stewart?



The Football Gods Woke Me up with a Smile on my Face. Wow JC and NT, would love to see your Faces right now. Here is my Face,

6:51 AM - 13 Sep 2017 from Kentucky, USA

It IS time to switch the name to CONcordes.
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Well I guess karma really is true lol, treat the only QB that has won for you in years like crap, and still can't win #karmaisa***** Lol
9:20 AM - 10 Sep 2017