Chapdelaine the New Head Coach of SFU???

SInce the firing of Chris Beaton was announced today. Rumours have been flying around that SFU might hire Chapdelaine as Head Coach. What makes this rumour seem more beleivable is that Chapdelaine's son has one more year or Senior High School football left and then will play CIS in 2007. (For Dad???)

Oh, I hope this rumour is true......Please JP...Be right for once!

The timing of Beaton’s firing makes some sense if they are targeting Chapdelaine. Because it should have been done months ago if really there is a wide open search for a new coach.

Chapdelaine was rumoured for the U of Calgary job as of a couple of weeks ago but said he wouldn’t leave the Lions until after the ’06 season.

So then out of the blue… SFU decides to let go Beaton then immediately names his longtime assistant â€? Terry Bailey as acting head coach. I could see Bailey continue on through the coming season, until Chapdelaine’s arrival.

Bailey is part of the "Old Guard". I'm guessing his days are numbered.

Did you see the story BCTV did yesterday on SFU during Sports?

Sportsmen I know we have had the same opion on Chapdelaine… so I totally agree… Pls let it be so!!! Hopefully Wally et al, will shoot the lame horse and let him go rather than forcing him to stay…

Looking forward to this season

We can only hope this rumour’s true. Then maybe there’s still hope for the Lions for '06. Someone needs to do Wally the favour.

I agree. Bailey has been there too long if they are true to their word in going a different direction.

But no way is Chapdelaine going there right now. He is committed t the Lions for this season and the process of revising the playbook with Dickenson's imput (hopefully) is well underway.

The question is SFU willing to right off the 2006 season to wait for Chapdelaine?

Just what is it with Bouno and the Chap? What does he see in him? No one else has any faith in the guy , they all wanted him gone in Calgary and now it's the same senario in BC . With the way the offence fizzled against the good teams late last season should tell the head coach something . But no , we're stuck with him for some unknown reason .
Will he end up being Wally's undoing in BC too?? If we don't see some real change in the Offence this year I would say yes.
I would sooner see Dickenson be his own offensive co-ordinator and design himself a new playbook rather than have Chap do it.

Well....we'll see what happens this year. After Printers signed with KC, they interviewed Dickenson, and he said he was sitting down with the coaches to redesign the playbook. Hopefully with Dave's input, we might see something better. But if not then Chapdelaines gotta go.

I agree, Chapdelaine has to go. If the second half of '05 is what we're going to get in '06, I don't want to see him running the O.

Has anyone heard whether SFU has signed a new Head Coach Yet?

Wow sporty that is good news for the Lions and bad news for SFU. Jac is a moron at best!

He's not signed there yet.....Terry Bailley is still listed as Head Coach, but the last News clipping had Bailley only as an Unterim head Coach...I guess they'll have to decide soon.

But didn't the Leos announce earlier this year that the coaching staff had all re-signed?

I think you are right....Wishful thinking on my part!