Chapdelaine fired in Edmonton: next offensive coordinator?

I do agree with you a certain amount, but with only 8 teams in the league and a very limited amount of coaches available with CFL experience, in my opinion that's why you see teams and fans fascinated with other teams "rejects."

I guess you could consider Lions defensive coordinator Dave Richie as a "reject" as well. But I think he is doing an alright job. The Lions defense is alright isn't it?

Now, Jacques Chapdelaine isn't Dave Richie but you kind of see my point right?

That being said, I wouldn't mind Jacques getting an interview by the new general manager as the new offensive coordinator. It's not like there is going to be a lot of coaches out their available with as good as a resume as his!

O.B. for G.M.? That's A. O.K.!

  • paul

Dont worry thats why we are looking at him eh!LMAO

Stubler will be HC for the Arblows next year!

Why is no one ever considering Richie Hall for our head coach? Is it because he's black?

Honestly, I think the new GM will be Obie, the new head coach will be Dave Richie, and the new offensive coordinator will be Chapdelaine. All of whom were once affiliated with the BC Lions.

Anyone ever remember when Jacques Chapdelaine injured his hand when he was trying to open his kid's jacket zipper with an axe?

Or maybe that was a rumour years ago, that or there is a gas leak above my desk and I am just making things up.

  • paul

Well I agree it will Be Obie I Disagree on Head Coach.

It will be Charlie Taaffe.
OC I Hope will be Chapdelaine.
DC I Like to Us to Pick up Dan Kepley

Don't forget OB was in BC when they whacked Chapdelaine could work against him, maybe not.

Because he is black or the fact that he has "0" head coaching experience, think about it........

The Cats have been in trouble because they have had too little coaching experience within the coaching ranks. They have hired and fired blacks whites and a throwin samoan.

They will not hire a black or white head coach without CFL HC experience. They have gone ON RECORD stating this!!!

2008 GM will have CFL GM experienced
2008 HC will have CFL HC experience
Most if not all assistants will have CFL coaching experience
Experience and success matters, color does not!

Now if Ritchie Hall would like to apply as a DC/assistant head coach then by all means come to town Ritchie Hall
If Ritchie wants to apply for HC, sorry there is not enough on your resume

Not sure how he'd fit under a Taafe-run coaching regime, but Chap did wonders working with Casey in BC. Granted, that was a completely different looking offence than this one, but I think he'd be worth the investment. IMO, he got a raw deal in Edmonton.

Kent Austin had no experience. Making the switch from assistant to head coach is not that big of a deal.

The problem I have with the move is that Edmonton started out the season with a fireworks display against Winnipeg, and ended with a whimper in Steeltown. I can't say that they got beter on offence. So what is the attraction in hiring the OC from the only team worse than us at year's end? (yes,they finished with a better record, but we were better in Week 19)

After being run out of Deadmonton in only a year, what is so attractive about coming here - another place that ran people out after a year. . . is it the hope to again be run out in a year? Scott Mitchell has already said that the team (which has missed 5 of 6 playoffs) MUST make the postseason or changes will be made.

I think some B.C. blood here would be a good thing, but this one sounds like change for the sake of change. I thought JC was run out of Laval after winning the Vanier Cup due to a player revolt and saying they would quit. (I had never heard the one about an axe to the zipper - although I laughed out loud at that!!). One thing about our team this year . . . unlike last year, they never quit trying.

Whoever it is will still work for Taaffe, and my question is will taaffe still call the offence?

Well I agree it will Be Obie I Disagree on Head Coach.

It will be Charlie Taaffe.
OC I Hope will be Chapdelaine.
DC I Like to Us to Pick up Dan Kepley

I like your choices, Onknight. I never considered Dan Kepley, but he is a good football man.

Your post gives us something else to consider.

There is an unwritten rule that CFL teams only release coaches
if the coach has a chance to take an advanced position, ONknight.

Edmonton has stated that Dan Kepley is going to be retained.

But He is The only Linebackers Coach Ron..
He not the DC in Edmonton
Kepley is Warrior
I Feel he could Do Great job as a DC..
They Can Request to Talk to him .
Here is link to Edmonton Staff Page

My bad, Tom.

I thought Edmonton didn't have one coach
who held the title of co-ordinator

I thought a couple of the position coaches
shared co-ordinating responsibilities.


Dan's years in the CFL definitely qualifies him
to be a candidate for Defensive co-ordinator

on some CFL team but he has to be the right man
to work with the our new G.M. and coach he hires.