Chapdelaine fired in Edmonton: next offensive coordinator?

Jacques Chapdelaine is now available for a possible reunion with Casey Printers. If Taaffe is retained, Charlie should seriously look into bringing JC here. It may also be possible for Chapdelaine to become the next HC if the new GM chooses to part ways with Charlie.

We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,

I said it last year. He SHOULD be Hamilton's Head Coach. It makes so much sense.

I wasn't overly thrilled with the Eskie offence this year, but I'd still consider JC for OC.

this move by the eskimos is all about finding a scapegoat or in this case, scapegoats. the oline coach? granted this can only be good news for the cats because ideally, you'd like for your OC and oline coach to be on the same page. it all really doesn't mean a thing because its a position as everyone knows, wont be hired til the HC is hired, who isn't hired til the new GM is hired.
maybe, just maybe charlie is retained by incoming GM and then he can speak with these CFL vets about coming to ham.
however, the likelihood of a new gm bringing in people he does not know are remote.
i think adam knows jacques though, they crossed paths in b.c. maybe.
if BT is the guy i think marshall will be the HC.

city legend

I think he'd be a great addition to the Cats staff. He was made the scapegoat in Edmonton this year. However, as a Francophone, I have a feeling that he may end up in Montreal, especially if they move Popp upstairs or get rid of him outright.

He'd definitely be worth interviewing though.

An Argo-Cat fan

Keep Charlie and JC for OC.

These west teams dont mess around and get rid of these guys when they dont perform!

Jaques should be hired by NASA for the job he did considering the best receiver he had to work with was Peterson.

Then why are they hanging onto Machoochio? The guy is the biggest joke in the league i wouldn’t even hire him to be our ball boy.

No No NO! Chapdelaine's claim to fame is his time in BC. News flash: BC's offence was good because it is Buono's offence.

Buono's had a great offence before Chapdelaine, and he continues to have a great offence after Chapdelaine. While Chapdelaine I'm sure had input in the offence, adding new twists and wrinkles here and there, there was no messing with Buono's basic offensive philosophy because it's a winning philosophy.

So take out his BC years and what kind of resume does he have? Something that looks quite like that of Joe Paopao's I'm sure. A nice offence, it puts up yards, but there's not a whole lot of winning.

OK posters....please read this quote from the above article again and explain why on earth he should be in Hamilton.....
"he Eskimos struggled all season en route to a 5-12-1 record - the team's worst since 1969 (5-11). Chapdelaine brought in a complex offence, with multiple receiver sets and intricate timing patterns that had players scrambling to write plays on wristbands in practice. He developed a reputation as a harsh, demanding coach who rubbed players the wrong way."

It sounds to me like he should be in the top five of OC's NOT to be hired. Surely we can do better.

Chapdelaine has an impressive resume. he excelled in CIS ranks as HC and coordinator positions. Everyone knows his performance in BC, and his performance in Edmonton this year was above par. Just look at the number and Ray's performance-especially for a losing team.

One other little note. He and Greg Marshall (Pegs DC) were finalists in the Cats hunt for a head coach when Taafe was hired.

He has no Head Coach Experience.
I have no Problem with Him as our OC.
Where better off Keeping Charlie…

Right on! Now, if we can pry Stubler from the Argos for DC...

If you cant make it in BC and ED but you can make it in Hamilton, BS no way NEVER over Charlie. :thdn:

You can look at it like that, or you can say that he has learned how to be a great coach under Buono! Just like half of the NFL's coaches were under Bill Walsh. But for some reason teams don't hire Buono's assistants, if they did and every team was running a Buono offence then it would be a way more exciting league.

[i]Then why are they hanging onto [b]Machoochio?[/b]

Pinocchio's forgotten brother

I like Chapdelaine and wouldn't mind seeing him in Hamilton as OC, however, nothing happens until we get a GM and he makes a decision on what to do with Taaffe.

Personally, I hope Charlie stays and instructs his new OC to keep the offense fairly simple, at least for the first half of 2008. I'm thinking Chapdelaine may have gotten a little over zealous in Edmonton because it was his first crack at pro ranks.
He's a smart coach, and I would look for him to do a lot better. I don't entirely blame him for Edmonton's demise since he didn't really have a lot to work with, just like in Hamilton.

That is by far the best line I have seen on any forum!!! Good one!!!

8) I agree with you 100% !!! I just can't figure out some of you fans fascination with other teams rejects, be it players or coaches !!!

JC would be the last guy I would look at, in any capacity !!!!