Chapdelaine and the Lions- your thoughts

Jacques Chapdelaine [Offensive Coordinator & Quarterbacks Coach] was under a lot of criticism, especially by some here on the forum, particularly when the Lions were 1-7 during the first half of the season. During the Lions' dismal first half there were two camps when it came to opinions as to why the Lions were losing so badly. Many, including certain newspaper sports writers said the blame rested squarely on Chapdelaine's shoulders and that he needed to go. Another camp believed that it had more to do with limited talent, especially from guys providing protection for the QB.

Well, the Lions got into the playoffs by the skins of their teeth and by successfully becoming what may well prove to be Grey Cup contenders.

If Hamilton could have stuck it to the Lions and demolished them they would have reveled in the conquest. But they failed and it was not for lack of trying. The Lions demonstrated that they can close the deal and do it in style.

I'm curious to know how fans feel about Chapdelaine now. Do you still feel he should be replaced? Does he get some of the credit for the Lions good fortunes or do you believe the Lions are winning despite him? Personally I have felt he was receiving too much flack. I'm not trying to defend him but I think some fans were grasping at straws and looking for a scapegoat.

Buono had said all along that the team needed time to gel, to mature. It needed to cut down in the penalty department. The QB needed pass protection. "The talent is there but the execution and discipline is not." Personally, I think the Lions "have arrived" and the entire coaching staff needs to be applauded for its efforts. This includes Chapdelaine. Your thoughts guys?

well thanks to Otis Floyd - we've got karma up the ying yang! someone should have explained to him how it works.
the Lions position speaks for itself - we've beaten up every team that is now in the playoffs. (thank goodness Edmonton is out)
I don't see a problem.

Yeah, I don't see a problem either.

Chapdelaine's playcalling has gotten better the last handful of weeks, but he still neglects to use the running game. The offense still has problems with sustaining long drives. I want to see Chapdelaine incorporate a running game. We have Messam, Davis, Robertson and before he was injured, Lee, but we still don't run the ball. A balanced attack is needed in any offense. Our offense still relies on the QB hanging onto the ball too long. Lulay got hit way too many times against Hamilton. It will only be a matter of time before he turns into Dave Dickenson, Buck Pierce or any of the QB's that have been hurt under the same system.

The Lions are still relying too much on team defense and special teams to win games.

If Chapdelaine thinks that he can just hand off the ball... more often than not Lions will be facing second and long. Roberts is a decent back but doesn't break tackles. The Lions need to use the other backs particular Davis in the back field with Roberts. Not all the time but way more than they have. Having a Ace Back is too easy for linebackers to zone in on the running back. We all know the offensive line has struggled but in my opinion it has not totally been their fault. Even a fake toss to Davis will get the middle linebacker to take that brief step in the wrong direction allowing Angus to get his near retirement body out to block him. Fake hand off naked bootleg another. Use the hurry up out of the blue is another. Misdirection and keeping the defense off balance is the key!

I totally agree that the lack of positive yards on the run is not always the fault with the oline. They just need some variety. They almost always use the same running play. It's always the ace back and having Robertson running in between the tackles. Where are the toss sweeps? Haven't seen enough of it. Fake toss is really pushing it. It's too much of a change for Chapdelaine.

Another way to look at it is that Davis will get the ball on his hands more than 6-7 times a game. Once you establish a run game I guarantee you that Sask will not be recklessly crashing the pocket on a passing play. I said this before that Chapdelaine loves running the offense like a flag football game. It would be nice if Lulay racks up another 400 yards but that is unlikely.

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