changing the number of downs

I would like to see a cfl league which adopts new rules on number of downs. In a team's own end zone, they should be allowed 4 downs. As soon as they cross the 50 yard line, they should only be allowed 3 downs. This will help a team get out of its endzone and into some more exciting play into the their opponent's end zone. This will encourage less punts and higher scoring games.

From what I’ve seen in the CFL (and I’m betting that I’ve seen quite a bit more than most of you over the past 50 years :slight_smile:), it looks like the teams really aren’t having a lot of trouble moving the ball out of their end with only 3 downs.

No thank you, I like the passing game.

Dude look at the Grey Cup score of 35-22 and look at the superbowl last year between what is supposed to be the two most high octane offenses in the NFL and that ended up being a 21-17 snooze fest till about the last 5 min. CFL has no problem of putting up points and exciting offense with 3 downs

4 downs? I like 3 downs, I like the fast game, I like the NFL but its a bit slow for me, I prefer the quickness of the Canadian Game. The only rule in the CFL I am comfortable dropping is the rouge, I understand why its there, and there are fans of it. Adding a fourth

I heard a Great comment about judging both games. Watch the a NFL game on TV with the sound off and then watch a CFL game with the sound off, and then decide the better game? CFL BABY :thup: :rockin:

NFL should go to 3 downs, make the field bigger take away the fare catch and the kick through the end zone ETC, ETC. then maybe i will think of watching it :lol:

LOL :lol:

4 downs is too easy IMHO and promotes mediocrity. The best teams in the NFL use CFL type offences and pass to win. You get 3 chances to get a first down, no reason to make it easier than that. And I love the field position game, it's football and kicking should be important in the game for field position.

Have you seen the NFL passing numbers in the past few years? lots of passing yards!! Teams have an extra down for passing. We would see less punting back and forth.

His first post, he joined 2 days ago and he starts a thread about the most Canadian part of the game.


great enjoy watching 4 down football

Seriously ?

Not even I can be dragged into discussing this senseless, pointless, aimless, and other wise useless idea.

Since people are complaining about the lack of offence in the CFL, how about reducing the numbers of players on the field to the same as the NFL - 2 less players, on the bigger CFL field? :smiley:

i like the less players on the field... except lets not stop with just two less... in Sask and Alberta we have six man aside football... i think thats the key at the CFL level.

4 downs in the CFL ? I can not begin to go into why that is such a bad idea. If some how history would have been flip flopped and the NFL and CFL had ended up with each others rules. The US and the NFL would be poking fun at a league that needs 4 downs and plays on such a small field.

The CFL field and rules is Traditional Football. It was the NFL that went to the smaller field to fit into "baseball" stadiums.

There is nothing wrong with either games, why can't people just enjoy both for what they are.

Being a CFL fan in the States, I say keep the 3 down rule. It makes for a much more exciting, fast-paced game. The NFL game just seems to drag it’s feet with it’s many rules. 4 downs, 3 timeouts per half, etc. Geez, I remember when the QB had 45 seconds to put the ball in play! Talk about a momentum killer!

Keep the CFL as is: 3 downs, the Rouge, bigger, wider field. Much better game to watch! 8)

Welcome to the CFL forums Dean Jackson. Just to clarify: I think when you are speaking of "a team's own end zone" you are meaning a team's own half of the field. The end zone is the scoring area beyond the goal line as you know.

Your suggestion has come up before. Personally I like the 3 down concept. Remember the CFL field is larger so the chance of successfully executing plays is greater. As far as a team succeeding in getting out of their own end of the field is concerned, this doesn't appear to be a problem. We've seen players run 110 yards from goal-line to goal-line. QB's have taken the snap on their own one yard line and marched the ball to within field goal range. So called coffin corner punts where the punter tries to angle the ball out of bounds down around the 1-3 yard line so as to hem the opposition in as deep as possible and hold them there. The idea is to hold them deep in their own zone not give them a 4th chance to get out of a deep hole.

Three down football is the way to go in the CFL. Allowing the clock to stop after the 3 minute warning is something else we really need to keep too.

Your suggestion has come up before.
Really ?? That's stunning ... In my lifetime I have never heard of this suggestion. I really don't see any merit in the idea at all.