The Ti-Cats are a disappointment once again. News, this is not. I have read many theories and remedies on this list what is wrong and how to fix it. Many of them make some sense from a fans perspective.

Some of the theories involve the coaches. Some insist some of our star players are the problem. Our recruiting and lack of talent at several positions are common theories too.

I don’t pretend to know if our management, coaches and players are capable or not capable. At times everything has seems suspect and terribly wrong.

The problem isn’t new this year – we’ve suffered for way to long. One of the constants the past 5 years however is change. We have had many changes in President, GM, Coaches, QB, and just about every other position on the team. Every couple of games there is panic and more change. None of the changes have been so effective that they have made any improvement in the Cat’s win-loss record. So we have made a lot of ineffective change in the past five years.

As a result the players are not playing together, we have young, talented, inexperienced players at some positions, inadequate players at others, the coaches look ineffective, and well since we have all these problems, let’s bring Obie into it and question his ability too. If Obie doesn’t have it, certainly our President Mitchell doesn’t either. He hired Obie. I’m not going to the ownership level hopefully he has learned his job is to watch and not influence the decisions of the people he hired to make them. Oops, I guess I just brought him into it too.

I am afraid that at the end of this season we will have change again. We will fire the GM, Coach, or whoever this year’s fall guy turns out to be. Maybe these decisions will be right; maybe they will be wrong but the changes will guarantee another year of inexperienced players, and coaches who appear ineffective and another dismal losing record next year while we wait for the team to gel. I can’t take that another year of this kind of crap.

I hope if we make any major change at the GM or coaching level, the decision is made without fans, or outsiders influence. It needs to be made by persons who can evaluate what happened, and what worked and what didn’t. The decision maker can then decide who has the talent we need and what we have to part ways with. Obie and Taaffe shouldn’t be automatic fall guys but if either one can’t do their job, they should be let go. Otherwise they should be allowed to continue their work next year. Maybe this team needs a few more puzzle pieces, not another year where we start over and lose any continuity we have built up. I believe we are on the right path and need to build on it. But I am just a fan who isn’t qualified to make a lot of these decisions. I do know, we can’t continue making changes for changes sake. If we make change I hope we aren’t throwing darts and firing whoever it hits.

There is a good example for us in Edmonton. For the past two years Danny Maciocia has been on the hot seat for Edmonton missing the playoffs. My personal opinion was he had to be let go last year. Many expected him to be fired at the end of last year. But Edmonton management stuck with him and Edmonton is playing like a contender this year and their coaching is looking much more effective now. They built on their base rather than starting over again. I believe the biggest cause of our dismal record for the past five years is too much change and a total loss of any continuity from season to season. This isn’t a way to build a football team.

Sure can;t argue with your logic you make a lot of make great points,but as a fan the biggest change i want is to start winning again.
Too acomplish that change is no change an option????

Change may be needed. I’m not capable of deciding that. But it needs to be done better than we have done it for the past five years if we do it. There was an excellent example of effective change in Hamilton the year we brought in Lancaster, McManus and Flutie and it paid off right away. We can only afford to make change if we truly have to, and can do it effectively. We need to start building continuity.

Taaffe has X number of games to save his job. Last night was a sample of the type of 5-22 continuity that the team really needs to steer away from as it attempts to develop this program. Coaching is a weak link as is the roster weaknesses re the receiver corps, pass rush, and glaringly – O-line pass protection at left tackle.

Continuity is a good thing unless standing pat is poison. The next month will be critical to indicate where the organization is going to move come the offseason.

Oski Wee Wee,

There are certain changes that need to be made, like the firing of Taffe. However, next year, with the same group of core players, and a few more solid players, this team will be a contender. We need to spend some money in free agency, and have a good draft. I also wouldn't mind seing Ritchie Hall on the sidelines for us next year.

but is it all chuck's fault? does he play on the d-line or o-line?

but is it all chuck's fault? does he play on the d-line or o-line?

They can't even run a QB sneak effectively anymore. Ritchie almost got stuffed in the one he did get. I was so glad to see Taffe punt the ball away earlier in the game. So many times he has gambled on 3rd down early in other games and weve gotten stuffed. The momentum change after those plays has lead to big scores by the other teams that we have not been able to comeback from. After punting, it wasnt his fault players missed tackles and let the Argos get back in scoring position. Why let the other team get any advantage early. Punt it. Yes maybe they may run it back, but the may fumble too. 3rd down gambles are when your behind in the last 5 minutes. I remember when Campbell coached years ago in Edmonton. They took no prisoners. When they got the ball the were thinking touchdown everytime. Even if they were ahead at half time with 15 seconds left. You never saw the QB take a knee and run the clock down. Thats why the were so good and EVERYONE hated them. They didnt care if they ran up the score either. That the additude these guys need. I'm sorry but I think the players play better with Williams at QB. Printers for whatever reason is not the player that played in B.C. and Lumsden cant seem to play more then 2 games without getting hurt. The play calling still isnt great or exciting. The D is improving each game. If we could get a Montford/rusher it would sure help the DB's. The difference with the Eskimo situation and here...Danny had success earlier and maybe earned more time...where Taffe has done nothing here to impress.