Gordon is in, Clovis is out. Stancil is in, Lucas is out. Two solid moves at this point to settle things down in the D.

Gordon will be a calming presence back there and while Clovis will be a good one soon, Gordon will help quarterback the younger DB's. Shoulda happened the day Davis went down but what's done is done.

Also, apparently Dominguez went out and caught a pass today so perhaps the knee injury is not season ending.

That is good about Dominguez. I thought it was on the CBC game that he is out for the year. We win against BC if Dominguez was healthy. If he and Eddie Davis had been healthy. Its too bad.

I think Gordon was a no brainer, I hope to god Stancil can stay healthy...they still need a change up front.... I hope Tillman is scouting for another D lineman... sooner we get this Defense straightened out, we will be back in Sync.

Wonder why we don't have a rush end in camp to help complement Perry? Without Jurineack, our DL isn't the dominating force it once used to be!

Let me see, you can use Dominguez and Davis as injury excuses, but when RLR uses Dickenson, Glatt, Banks, Pierce, Simon, as injury excuses he gets jumped all over.

Am I missing something here?

While we are better with MD, we've got the talent to win without him, too. Just need the focus. Reading the news report, Clovis is taking responsibility - good to see. He shouldn't get down, just motivated. He's young and it will be a good learning experience. Gordon will be physical (not dirty ...) - we need that in the D right now.

sportsmen > note how no one here agreed with the injury comment. Also, note that it isn't a recurring comment. Riders got beat. Plain and simple. If's don't matter and I wish people wouldn't use them but they do.

In Fairness, sometimes injuries are a big factor. Its how teams deal with them.

BC was fortunate to have capable backups. Calgary, is in big trouble without Burris.(Unless Reynolds turns in a career game)

Montreal will be in big trouble without Calvillo. And, history proved what happens in Toronto with out a proven starter.

Not taking anything away from Davis and Dominguez, but the Riders were able to replace Davis without being burned too badly. I guess with this three game slide, one can argue about Dominguez's absense and effect on the team.

And don't get me wrong, its very rare that I stick up for RLR, but in this case, he took a pounding on the injury issue...... It seems cold outside....H*ll isn't freezing over, is it? :wink:

Unless Matty D is a special teams ace im not sure we still would have won. We got burned on special teams against the Lions, and he doesn't play on special teams.

I cant wait until Matt D and Eddie D are back...

Personally ...I feel its the interior line thats the problem..I think Chick is playing fairly well (nice 3rd down stuff on Jarious), Shultz is playing subpar and Adams is ineffective although his knees are bothering him... On that note, I read that the Riders have a new D line-in in camp, Brent Curvey... sounds like he had a Stellar career with Iowa state and a late cut by the NFL panthers.
Scouts say he’s a high motor guy with good athleticism, and quickness.

Good to hear! Hope Curvey can start next week vs Calgary!

Anyone know how long Kyle Mitchell will be out? He looked like a keeper to me when I saw him play.........

As far as I know, Mitchell is healthy, just behind Chick on the depth chart right now.
This Curvey guy sounds like he has potential, but I wouldn’t expect to see him start anytime soon.
I sure miss having the big monster in the middle.
Curvey (6")has the same stature as Chunky(5"11’), so we wouldn’t gain much there.

If Chunky continues to have injury problems, maybe we will get a look at the new guy…
I wonder if they have looked at Chick in the middle and Mitchell on the end?
If Chick can get the job done at tackle, I’d be pleased. He likely isn’t big/heavy enough though.

The problem with RLR is…well even I can’t make a post that long.
But the guy never shuts up about injuries and uses them as an excuse. Given how much trash talk he does, that is a lousy combination.

It is possible to rationally discuss the impact injuries have on a team, but when a guy undermines that conversation the way RLR does, it is tough.
The story line is, how does an injury affect or impact a team. It isn’t an excuse for playing poorly.

We could talk about all the injuries BC supposedly had this year. Doesn’t matter. If Geroy Simon is out of the line-up last game, the Lions lose.
On the other side, we could discuss how many injuries the Riders have had this year (double the number the Lions have had?).
Again, it doesn’t matter. If Eddie Davis is on the roster, guess who is covering Geroy Simon on that game winning TD.
If Geroy is slowed up even one stride, that play fails; Riders win.
Anyone want to wager Davis could have covered his man better than Ron Robinson did?
So did we miss Eddie Davis? Of course.
Did it impact the game? Yes.
Is it why we lost?
Absolutely not!!

That’s pretty lucid, Arius. Good answer.

Lucid is usually my aim.
Nice to know I occasionally get there.

Believe it or not. We as Rider Fans have differing opinions. We don't all think in unison. When one person says something that does not mean we all think it.