Changes? Who/What

if maas is really that hurt sit him let him coordinate a new offence and let eakin and williams compete for the remainder of the season .or
let him call his own plays at least.

Cotton? Sir, you are a mess.

Well glad you solved all the Cat's problems, I fail to see how he dropped catches, took stupid penalties, gave up over 50 points. But hey, good job man, problem solved.
Well tigergdog...Pao Pao IS the main ailment to this team's health. Our "ball control" offence does everything but. We only run the same running plays game after game (the shotgun draw to name one). We throw the ball 35 yards across the field to gain a couple of yards. We throw 4 yard passes on 2nd and 8. We put ourselves in a position to fail. We never (ever) throw the ball down the field.

Defending against this offence is the easiest week in our opposing team's schedule.

Our defence gives up 51 points due to time of possession. When your offence isn't on the field, your defence is. Not sure of your football knowledge, but this is generally not a good thing.

Cutting talented players because they are not effective in a poor offensive scheme or on the defensive field all night will only hurt the team next year too.
Changes to the football program need to come from the top on down. We currently have been cut adrift and are in a free fall. Once a competant GM is found, he hires his coach, whom hires his staff, can assume control over the life raft, they can effectively evaluate the current talent and how they will fit into the new system and direction. There is not much for the players to buy into right now except adversity, negativity and finger pointing. The talented players know they will catch on somewhere else. There are some excellent football players on the blame list, far better that we have first crack at them to evaluate value to new direction. The longer the free fall the longer the repair time.

hendy77: Paopao is not the "only" problem. and I still say firing someone on the forum's is easy, hiring someone better....... now that's the trick isn't it.

The longer the free fall the longer the repair time.
I don't think this is NECESSARILY TRUE ... the longest this MESS can possibly remain in FREE FALL is until season's END ... after that - the NEW REGIME can be brought in, and - a la Winnipeg - INSTANT IMPROVEMENT can be realized.

This, of course, will DEPEND ENTIRELY on WHO the next GM is. Whomever this turns out to be will then determine who will be their HC ... who in turn (if they are a coach worth their salt) will choose their own staff.


Fans want some sign NOW - the ship is being righted. However, the REALITY is, THE NEXT DECISION is this franchises MOST IMPORTANT !! Do you really want to HASTILY RUSH into a change !!??

If VALUE is what the ticket purchasers DEMAND then they, of ALL PEOPLE, should want DUE DILLIGENCE done on the next hire of GM.

In the mean time, we have to SUFFER through the INTOLERABLE displays of late. But, I guess, that's what FANS DO.

It is the INHERENT PARADOXICAL NATURE of LIFE; The catch 22. The damned if you do, and damned if you don't quality of human existence ...

You can't stomach the IDEA of sitting through another 2 halves of UNINSPIRED, HEARTLESS, HALF A$$ED Football ... let alone RENEW SEASONS TICKETS !!??

But if FANS DON'T STICK with their team (and that means $$$$) then the team will lose its ability to COMPETE.

What to do ?

Patience ... a virtue not known in the arena of sport.



In light of todays announcement.... remind me again how wrong my "solution" was. :lol: At least they are finally doing something!
And get your own head straightened out the next time you start a thread.

I would dump wayne shaw because he isn't a very good safety.

For the record, Butler looked good... against Hamilton.

Agree that Maas should sit until healthy.
There is a story circulating in the west media on Monday morning that Hamilton is shopping Maas?! That would be reason enough to can Katz, I would think.

If that's the best the Hamilton O-line can do, the TiCats should put Ranek, Holmes, and Radlein back there to take off and run from a direct snap, and save Maas' health.
There is certainly no time for a QB to set up for the pass with those 5 ham&eggers in front of him! :expressionless:

In light of how Wayne Shaw's replacements have played, I think you had best hold onto him for the time being.

This is what I've wanted from day 1. Team is lacking a TRUE leader and Montford will get in your face and that's whats needed.

NO KIDDING :thup: :thup: Where have we heard that before???? Just Do It!

I can imagine the intensity we would get on Monday against the Argos at Home! :rockin: