Changes? Who/What

Lancaster: Just filling a needed roll till November, not his fault: he didn't ask to be coach.

Katz: Doing a good job in Marketing, just should not be a Football Guy, (room for improvement here, but we all loved the off season moves at the time, who knew)

Maas: One of the loved pre-season moves.... needs to relax, but benching Maas will not get us wins. What.. play Eakins?

Bob Young: Shush, don't get mad at him, who else would buy the team, lose him and lose football in Hamilton. (see Ottawa)

So Where do we go from here????? I don't have the answer myself, but I haven't read anything in these Forums that would help...... I do understand the frustration though... Let's just vent qand hope for better days.

Hope for better days? Thats the best you can suggest for a team that may possibly have the worst 11 game offence ever in the CFL for the past 40 years?
You have not read anything here that you think would help?
These forums have identified the main problem ad nauseum.Would you like a hint as to what it is?

No argument with your comments, tigerdog, so here's my two cents worth.

Release Paopao. Kent Austin is available. Now, I am no Austin fan at all; I don't think it is just coincidence that the Argo offence has looked immeasurably better since he was canned; but can he be any worse an offensive coordinator than Paopao?

Mr.62Cats, "These forums have identified the main problem ad nauseum" true, but I was looking for solutions, I think you missed my point. MadJack at least had a reasonable suggestion, not that I like Austin either,

And here’s another suggestion, not sure if it’s ‘reasonable’ or not…

For head coach, since there will be one either this year or at the latest for next season, perhaps consideration should be given to Tom Clements.

Knows the CFL; had a great career here; has the intensity the Cats surely need; has coaching experience.

Probably take a big salary to get him away from his current NFL post, but Bob Young has the money…

Something worth considering, anyway.

Tom is making a Huge 180,000 US In Greenbay as the QB Coach..

He dose not even not like to talk about his CFL Days.. Will not Happen

John Hufnagel may be good Fit..
But it will cost alot $$$$$ to Him get back to the CFL..

He is The OC and Asst Head Coach with the Giants. makeing around 250,000 US..

What, and Damon Allen returning has nothing to do with their O looking better?

Sure, of course it does. But remember, the Argos for the past few years, including their Grey Cup year, have been winning on their defence, not their offence.

Get rid of Eakins, he only benefits the opposition. Move Williams up. He did a good job in Sask. Ball was gone, accurately,in 2 to 3 seconds. Highlight of the game.

I do agree with giving Williams more time, this season is over, I'm not giving up on Maas, just want ot see what we have.


no more of that piece of garbage.

What Belli do to you. Gave you a swirlie in school? Why do you hate him so much. Does he have to be black?

I just posted this in another similar thread.

Hire a “permanent Head Coach” or give that job to Ronnie. However…informing the world that Ronnie is the “interim” coach has evidently allowed the players to coast for the remainder of the season.

Bring back Montford. Yes…he may be old and possibly washed up but he had heart. And that’s something clearly missing from this team…a player who will lead by example…be fired up…and more inmportantly…take charge in the locker room.

Lastly, sit out Maas until he’s actually healthy. Both physically AND mentally. Alot of people have stressed how well Williams played compared to Eakin. Well…if that’s the case…go with him. Maybe he’s another Rocky Butler just waiting for his chance. And we’ve all seen how well Butler has played.

Changes are coming, everyone is having a bad year, don't throw away everything we have. Remember, both Damon Allen and Calvillo were Ticats, wouldn't they look good back here................ or would they?

the entire o-line
wayne shaw

they all need to go, along with various other assistant coaches.

Let me try again sir. The main problem thats been identified is Joe Pao Pao. Until he goes there will be no change in the offensive strategy. The players have no confidence in him or Maas. It shows.
As to who replaces him....well we can throw names around all night long but I would be happy if the QB (maybe Maas from the bench where he deserves to be) and Coach Lancaster came up with the plays until the end of the season. Pao Pao's assistant can take care of the rest.
The point here is...something has to be done to try to stop this embarassment. Hoping for better days is not an option.

Let me try again sir. The main problem thats been identified is Joe Pao Pao.

Well glad you solved all the Cat's problems, I fail to see how he dropped catches, took stupid penalties, gave up over 50 points. But hey, good job man, problem solved.


I fail to see how he dropped catches, took stupid penalties, gave up over 50 points. But hey, good job man, problem solved.
Well..... you asked the question and I provided one suggestion for a solution.
You are right about the dropped catches etc but it goes back to my point about not having any confidence in either the QB or the offensive system. These players who look so lacklustre now have all been great performers as recently as last year.
So...I believe if a change is made in the offensive co-ordinator and new system is installed, there's an opportunity for these players to re-new their motivation and performance. Just my 2 cents worth.
Still want to sit there, wring your hands and hope something happens without actually doing anything? How can you NOT come up with a solution for discussion?
My last post on this strange thread.

You going to dump Wayne Shaw because he's hurt, and not playing?