changes to the benches at the stadium?

Hi guys, I didn't even think of it till today watching the game..

is there some renos or something that has been changed at Ivor Wynne that has both teams on the same side of the field?

or have both teams always been on the same side of the field?

I could have sworn that they always had each team on one side of the field?

Nope, they have always been on the same side of the field, as long as I can remember anyways.

Always been that way -- there is not enough space on the south sideline to warrant the usual configuration. Dugouts are under the north stands as often seen on TSN broadcasts.

Even back in the days when there was a track around the field, both teams were on the North Side.

Always that way!

interesting, are they the only team that does this? I think so..

The benches are on the same side at Molson Stadium as well.

I like it. Hope they do this at the new stadium, too.
I like the dugouts, too.