changes to roster next year

i'd say, sign Printers, let Jeff Johnson replace R.Williams, and release Stokes, use that money saved to help pay for Printers.

i wouldnt change thier defence, cuz, altho everyone knows to run on the argos, had they put up some points this season, it wouldnt have mattered.

the argo defence gave up the least amount of points per game this season ( 18 points per game? )....but when your offence is one of the lowest scoring offence in the league, then there are problems winning...had the O put up 28 points per game, then they'd be set.

You forgot cutting Spurgeon Wynn, while I am not sold on often injured and rarely playable John Avery?
As for the D line, major change is necessary to shore up same and especially since a few are long in the tooth.

I'd Like To See One Or Two Head Line Guys On Defence, Maybe A Strong NT To Go Between Brown And England. Some Stronger O-Linemen Would Be Nice Too, Keep J.Johnson And Have Him As The Featured RB.

THE args may want to trade Avery to the Dolphins for some U.S CASH :wink:

England and O’Shea are 35 & 36 years old respectively.

I would expect Bishop perhaps making more of an appearence next season. I think he's proven himself, and Allen is slipping.

Your bang on Drummer. Lots of talk how the defence needs to be changed but I think they have never looked so good. Contrary to belief, a running game helps, but you still can't win just by running. The Argos philosophy worked perfect this year, giving up lots of rushing yardage but stopping, stalling every drive time and again just to watch the offence go 2 n out. If there darn offence could score in the "high scoring" CFL, they would be 15-3. Flutie's Argos used to outscore opponents 40-30. With this defence it would be 40-9

I think Bishop showed he could perform under pressure. The Argo's are going to have to give him serious consideration as next seasons starter

these players need to be cut: stokes, avery, soward, the entire o-line except for williams and davis, o'shea, allen, wynn, crouch, bonner.

The argos need a new o-line coach, offensive co-ordinator and a strength coach. A new strength is neccessary to help prevent injuries and keep players in proper shae.

Get Danny Barrett as offensive-co-ordinator.

Get Tracy Ham as QBs Coach.

The argos should also wear their white uniforms once in a while at home.

I'd go along with releasing Stokes, Avery, Soward and Wynn. The Candian O-lineman won't be late go without replacements and they don't grow on trees.
Bonner and O'Shea are getting up in football years so I'm sure the Argo scouts will be looking for depth there. The same at safety.
Jeff Johnson I don't see as an every down back, but if they can sign Clifton Dawson from Harvard they could make a nice 1-2 punch.
Steve Morley at OT would help the ratio and maybe move Davis inside to guard. Williams may not be back as he's going on 35 and had the off field problem, but I like Washburn as a young replacement. St. John and Folk aren't going anywhere unless they retire (they are both 34). The Argos have Landon ready to step in at center or guard and could possibly bring Keeping back to the OL.
With England going on 37 maybe its time for Johnson and Brown to the full time DE with a new NG similar in size and quickness to Nate Davis to make running up the middle of the Argo defense a lot tougher.
If they can get Printers great, if not Bishop may be ready and I still like the potential of Crouch.
Danny Barrett might be the OC for Pinball and he could double as a QB coach.

crouch is not a proven QB, and next season will be 2007, and it will 7 seasons since he played QB, its too long, if he wants to stay in the cfl, he needs to change positions. Also the argos need to go back to 4 defensive lineman and focus on stopping the ground game, im sick of seeing RBs pad their stats on the defense, get a bunch of DTs and use a rotation system.

Good evening,

We support Derham Cato's pursuit of a full-time DT position for the Argos this season!

His high school days at Charlotte Country Day were amazing. Playing on both sides of the ball, as a TE he paved the way for Alvin Pearman (Special Teams/RB NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars) to break record after record in NC, US of A.

Then, as a big part of the Dartmouth Green's turn-around in the Ivy League, he dominated the opponent's backfield.

So, let's give this young man a chance to shine in the CFL!

Pat and Cathy

then why is he on the practice roster?

Derham "Red Alert" Cato will show coach very soon how the practice roster is NOT his final destination in the CFL. He played in the AFL and this offensive-oriented league stifled his attacks from the DT position. Now, playing the sport he loves once again, he will begin to shake things up... Look out!

The reason Red Alert Cato isn't playing right now is probably because of the import/non-import ratio. With Argos using a 34 defense the man he would have to replace is Adriano Belli, who as a 6'5 295 lb veteran is no slouch and he's Canadian.
Cato must have shown the coaches something however for them to keep him around even though IMO he doesn't fit their defensive scheme...if they were to employ a 43 defense I could see him playing one DT position. But right now with Jonathan Brown the only import on their starting DL there's no room for Derham in the lineup. An injury to one of the starters could change things however and then maybe we will see what he can do.

Red Alert Cato played a decent if not spectacular game thursday night IMO.
I thought he showed good acceleration getting to the QB the few times he had an opening to do so. As a NG you're more of a run stuffer.
I think he would be a more effective pass rusher in a 4-3 defense.