Changes to Bomber Secondary Due To Injuries

This article in today's edition of the Winnipeg Sun reports that the Blue Bomber defensive secondary will be missing two or three regulars when they play the Ticats this Friday night:

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we were missing a few last week to. but in the end we were able to contain the als.

I would just like to note that proper name is WINN a PEG.

It was named after a game show for pirates :wink:

no no i am pretty sure its winn i peg

fixed :slight_smile:

Actually the name goes back to the 19th century when a farmer in the are used to auction off Pigs - the original name became
WIN A PIG but was later changed to Winnipeg.

It's actually from the Cree word Winnipi which means frozen, dirty, stinky water.

rather apt, I'd say...

Winnipeggers translate to "Dirty Water People" or "People not having bathed recently"

see link...

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bombers have been missing several regulars in the secondary all season long. But they have the depth there that it's not something that can't be dealt with.