Changes to BC Place

Does anybody know what the final seat total will be? More importantly, will those horrible 1983 vintage hard blue plastic seats get tossed? I know there won't be any more leg room (damn it!) but seats that are somewhat more comfortable would be nice.
Also with all of the improvements to concession stands, will they finally make beer a decent price? Yeah, that was a good joke I know. That'll never happen.

As of now, the only new seats will be the brand new club seats which will be wider and cushioned. As far as the seat count goes thats a really good qwestion since the addition of those club seats will reduce the amount of total seats in those sections; albeit slightly. However with the 2 new lounges and the additional skyboxes the actual capacity might go even higher than before. ??? In any case, it will be interesting to see.

Capacity is being increased to 80,000


if you’re going to keep making up rumors to stir things up, at least make it believable when you do

The seats they're installing are only a foot wide, as opposed to the present seats wihich are 19 inches across.

The narrower seats will allow more seats, more fans, and more NOISE!!!!!

The issue of how to accomodate people with normal sized bums has not been addressed

Uh huh. Until you want to put some effort into trolling, lurk moar.

Geez, some one on the main forum wondered where Marty York was..... I think we found him.... :roll: :roll:

with Casey coming to town we'll need that extra 20,000 seats

Keep dreamin.

We might need 10,000 brown paper bags if Wally actually signs that egomaniac.

However, as it was pointed out on another thread with the size of Pierces contract, I don't think we could afford Printers now.

I'd settle for a decent beer, at any price.