Changes the CFL should make

In my mind what the CFL should do with field goals is to shorten the end zone by 5 yds, have a 15 yd end zone, and move the goal posts to the back of end zone. That way if a team's drive ends at the 20 yd line, that a 35 yd try. If he misses he doesnt get the single point. It eliminates the punt single as well, which is the most second most illogical point in the CFL next to rewarding a placekicker for missing a field goal. It would also change the strategy to pin teams deep in thier own zone as well.

I can't agrre with this.
Leave the game alone.
This is one thing I agree about with everyone on this site.CFL is the best,so why change it!!!!

Do you know Kanga! When something works great do not fix it! Look at the changes in the NHL it went from hockey to Ice Capades!

I guess if a QB throws a TD pass and misses , he should get six anyway if the ball bounces out of the end zone, or 3 pts extra if the TD pass goes thru the uprights when the receiver catches it

You must be watching the No Fun League!

The single is not rewarding the offensive team it is penalizing the defensive team for not getting the ball out of the endzone. What the single point also does is it encourages returners to return the ball instead of taking a knee for a touchback. And if they do take a touchback they may give up a single but they get great field position.

As far as making the endzones smaller and moving the posts back, that narrows our wide open game a bit and limits scoring more which is not what this league is about. sure does sound like the league in the states....we like our game for its originality...and as entertainment... the way it is....why would you change a superior game...IF IT AIN'T BROKE....DON'T FIX IT... :shock:

I agree! The single point is one of the main differences between the NFL and CFL and is what makes the league unique and more exciting. The original poster essentially wants to change the CFL by converting it into a clone of the NFL.

Why on earth would we want to change this wonderful exiting game?? Why would we want to change the strategy of the game, tell me? How is this gonna make anything more exiting? All it is gonna do is make for lower scoring less exiting games.

definitely not…I dont know which league you have been watching sambo but your suggestions are crap…

Well i guess some player running into the goal post and severly injuring or killing himeslf in the process might change a few minds.......

Everyone is shooting down my ideas but I dont see anyone else suggesting any changes that might make the games more interesting...... and this IS a discussion forum...... so much for trying to improve a league that needs more fans in BC, Toronto and Ottawa.....

Been watching the game long?
HAsent happened yet.
Besides in the CFL they know to go around

You’re allowed to have your opinions and you’re allowed to make your suggestions on this forum. Some people just disagree with them.

I don’t remember a player getting severely injured or killed by the goalpost.

Also I think the game is exciting right now and making it lower scoring will just hinder the excitement of the game imo. And actually the whole CFL, except Ottawa, is doing quite well in the fan department right now. To get even more fans though they have to keep marketing the game better, not change the game to parallel the NFL.

The on feild product is not the problem. It is what Roughy said, we need better marketing to appeal better to those that are only ocaasional watchers. I don't see anything wrong with the actual game.

Why should we suggest changes? We like our game the way it is.

If the league needs more fans in B.C. and Toronto (who are doing fine by the way) then it should look at marketing the game more there. But those are two of the top 4 teams attendance-wise in the CFL, both averaging over 30,000 per game last year. As for Ottawa, we know that is a problem, but changing the rules won’t fix the situation there.

i am surprised you wouldn't prefer a fourth down as well. why people feel the need to make significant changes to a product that is not in need of help is beyond me. cahnge for the sake of change is a disaster waiting to happen.

Well if we going give rewards for failur(missed field goals) , maybe we should give 5 yds for every pass that goes for a incompletion, and give the QB credit when a ball is intercepted as a pass completion as well. Surely you must agree that, one point for a missed field goal is not a good rule. If anything, the one that must go is that single point.

Well Sambo you just showed me you dont understand the Canadain game.
The point is not given because the field goal was missed. It was given because the ball was not run back out of the endzone! It has nothing to do with mising a field goal!!!

It has everything to do with a missed field goal, usually the ball sails out of the end zone without a possibility of a return, only misses of 45 or more is the returner able to return the ball. You have shown me that you dont understand what failure is, what it means to be spoon fed over a period of yrs and yrs. I love the CFL, but rewards for failure are done over and over(I guess thats why the Gliebermans were give a second chance , cause they failed the 1st time, and quite possibly could be back again), but really, if the returner is tacked in the end zone or he concedes, shoudnt the team that gets the ball back be pinned in their own end , rather than giving the kicker 1pt for missing the attempt? You shoud note that in the stats, it is the kicker that gets that point, not the player who touches the returner who concedes the single.