Changes the Als have to make

Cut Stala, he is useless. Bench Thyron Anderson for a game or two, hopefully it will wake him up. Find a deep threat American receiver. Get a Copeland type player who can "spark" his teammates. Go back in time and offer Doug Berry more money to stay as offensive coordinator! Develop a pill that makes one humble when they win. but angry when they lose!

still ranting?

Indydan, you're the only one who thinks your amusing!

Actually, he is very funny.

stala is overrated and cocky, he thinks he is an african-american from texas, yet all he is some glorified non-improt from atlantic canada who cant even catch a cold.

yup, every time any team loses a couple of games, they should dump half the team andor coaching staff. yup, yup, yup :roll:

Beer guy in section H

Can them all!

Can I fire the retard sitting next to my seat?

I think I got his brother last night, sitting beside me, at one point I was wondering if you & martymix were playing a joke on me ! :o

OK, so I guess no one will actually analyse what I have written and comment. THink, then write...

Ok, here are some comments on your Ô-so-great-analysis…

You look pretty much useless yourself. :wink: Stala is a good receiver with great hands, but having a bad season. I believe he drops too much because he thinks of not aggravating his not fully recovered injury. By cutting him, we’d just let an opponent grab him and it would come to bite us next year. If he can’t play well enough, give him less playing time untill he straighten his thing. He has shouwn too much promises last year to let him go for a few drops.

I’d agree, if we only had someone to play in his stead. I think we’d get more out of him if we played him wide receiver instead of slotback. A slotback gets more punishment when he catches the ball, for he generally is in the middle of high traffic. And Anderson is wussy. He’s afraid to be hurt. So send him to the border of the field. He’ll be less concerned about the upcoming hits and more focused on catching the ball. Middlefield is for real soldiers, like Cahoon.

You make it sounds like there’s a box full of them at the Football Supply Store. Finding a deep threat with great hands isn’t as easy as it seems. Technically, that’s what Watkins is there for. He’s fast alright. If he only could find a way to stop dropping so much. We also have Terrence Edwards who, I believe, could be fast enough to be a deep threat. But I haven’t seen enough of him to have a true opinion. And what about that Chris Davis? If he’s fast enough to be put on kick returns, he could be fast enough to stretch the defense. I don’t know how good is his catching ability tho.

That’s what we got Adriano Belli for. That guy is the vocal type that is highly needed in the locker room. Now the Als should find someone like Belli on offense too.

Why? I don’t see any problem with Kevin Strasser’s offensive schemes. Our problem is execution. Strasser isn’t the one dropping balls. He isn’t the one overthrowing receivers.

Pride will do that. But unfortunately, pride can’t be teached nor isolated in a pill. It can be awaken tho…

You have no idea where Stala is actually from do you?

I guess a Polish who grew up in Hamilton ressemble a lot to an african-american living in Atlantic Canada... for some strange reasons...

Stala has being playing with a flak jacket with broken ribs, he'll be a great receiver when he's healthy.

Good advice!....YOU should follow it. :thup:

The Als need a big right tackle who can block for the run. With Mudge down,Fritz doesn't seem to be the answer.A.C. could use a strong running game and you obviously have the running back to do it. As far as Stala goes, we in Hamilton would take him in a minute. He is your next Cahoon.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7 at Ivor Wynn)

No kidding. Because panicking and firing everyone has worked out really well for Hamilton. :wink: