Changes since Grey Cup

Somebody out there must have the effort. Post all on in this thread the changes we have seen the Riders go under since the Grey Cup.

Who have we lost who have we gained?

Lost:Reggie Hunt :thdn: ,Fred Perry :thdn: ,Jermese Jones,Nathan Hoffart,

Gained:Steven Jyles :expressionless: ,Steve Morely :expressionless: .

What is Tom Canada's story? Is he still with Winnipeg?


don't forget we also lost kent austin :cry: :cry:

We also cut Corey Holmes and a few others. I can't seem to recall them all right now :S

I don't really follow the Riders much anymore ever since the departure of Roy Shivers and Nealon Greene. Yeah we won the GC...but the games just aren't fun or exciting to watch anymore like they were during the Shivers era

if you include Jeremese, and reggie you gotta add the free agents we did sign.

wtf are u talking about? the games in 07 were extremely exciting. would u rather have barrett shivers and greene back? would u rather watch us finish 9-9 for three seasons in a row again? would u rather watch the riders get destroyed in the west final by bc? would you rather watch us lose to the hmilton tiger-cats instead? would you rather watch all that. I know i sure wouldn't. i would rather watch us win the GC over and over and over again.

green & white forever

Me thinks this is actually an old Ottawa Rough Riders fan where being a loser is the norm! :o

right on! go riders!!!!!!!!!

It was the core of Shivers team having won the GC which is slowly being disected and cut by Tillman. I honestly don't expect us to stay as a competitive team anymore. Danny Macocia won the GC his first year with the remenants of a great team before he took over and now look at Edmonton for the past 2 seasons after winning.

The 07 Riders get a lot of credit but let's not forget how weak the other teams have become that we had to compete against last year. Had Shivers, Barrett, and Nealon still been here there is little doubt we'd have had a home playoff game and probably also won.

During the Shivers era Edmonton and Montreal were absolute powerhouses always 14-4, 13-5 teams for years in a row. Toronto and BC were no slouches either over the years. now both EDM and MON have become basement-like teams bothly poorly managed, coached, and operated. Hamilton went from awful to god awful. Ottawa folded. Other than Winnipeg every other team has gone downhill. Other than BC we had no competition last year. The Riders case of winning was not a case of big improvements or changes, it was a case of the other teams all taking a large step downwards that we finally capitalized on.

Unreal you said this last week. Nealon Greene was is and will always be my favourite qb.

Also said this last week. I dont watch Riders much since Shivers and Greene are gone. Not exciting any more.

Now you say this. Shivers and Barrett would have won cup in 2007. What? Austin and Tillman sure were lucky. 1 home playoff game and 1 Grey Cup win. In 1 year. How unlucky Shivers and Barrett were. 0 for 7. On home playoff. On getting to cup. On winning cup. Let me say again. 0 for 7.

Guess Austin was lucky before. 3 Grey Cup rings. 1 as player. 2 as coach. Barrett 0 as player. O as coach.

1 winning season in 7 years. But they would have won cup in 2007. Right. Maybe this to. Nealon Greene would have come back. And been the best qb ever. Barrett coach of year. Right?

Nealon Greene. He isnt close to Kerry Joseph. Not even close to Marcus Crandall. Danny Barrett was not Kent Austin as a quarterback. Not close. Not Kent Austin as a coach. Not close again.

Maybe Bombers should sign Nealon. Better than Glenn right? Maybe Riders should trade Crandall. Sign Greene back.