Changes requread regarding Safety touches

Teams who give up safety touches on third down by running back into the end zone should not be rewarded. Obviously the decision to concede the safety is because the team has not been moving the ball and are not confident in their kicking game, and most likely are winning and just trying to hang on. I believe the team should be forced to kick the ball from the no farther out then the 10 yard line this would put pressure on the offense to perform in their own end

I agree.

I hear you, but also remember some historic games in the 60's (CATS - Bombers) where this strategy made for an interesting game. Also, in severe weather, with strong winds, taking this option away seems a bit unfair. I'm for the current rule.

Valid point from Nova Scotia,land of the Blue Nosers where people know the winds.

Imagine you are pinned deep in your end in Winnepeg or Regina against a gale wind.

You better have the George and Ronnie show to get you out of there .

Or Joe Zuger ,who was the best punter in the CFL against the wind.

Joe kicked low linedrives forty yards against gales on a regular basis. :thup:

That's why they switch ends during the game. Twice!

I agree, give it to them on the one or ten. Same goes for a single.

In sport or competition you should never have incentive to concede points. Instead the incentive should be to compete and play the sport.

It's a completely fair notion.

It's a good tactic.

Heck, they even use it in the No Fun League.

It's generally used when pinned deep late in games .

The opposing team has a kicker who doesn't miss ,so they are garanteed (?) three points minimum.

Good chance they can go for seven with a no yards callon the punt into gale winds.

A thinking coach conceeds two points and gains field position ,taking time off the clock and making the opposition take longer to score points.

Then our running game goes to work the Jason and Josh/Corey/Julien show .