Changes need to be made NOW!

Ok i have been looking at the last three games and i have a few concerns.

First of all on offence. I feel our offensive line is not giving Jason Maas enough time to throw the ball. Like i mean i would like to see Jason Maas throw some deep balls out there but i dont think there protecting him well enough anyways.Not only that but Joe PaoPao is not giving him the opportunity to throw the deep ball.

Secondly, i think we need to use Corey Holmes a lot more on offence. We should be using him as a slotback if were not using him as running back. D.J Flick, Terry Vaughn, Craig Yeast and Corey Holmes are huge threats that need to be used together at times.

Thirdly on offense, Jamie Boreham has to go. The coaches need to stop giving him breaks on top of breaks. Yeah, hes a nice guy when you know him on a personal basis but i mean hes not kicking the crucial field goals for us. We need a good kicker to score the points for us becasue we cant always count on touchdowns to win the game for us, especially when the opposing teams defence is strong.

Now onto the defence. All i have to say is its about time they put Bobby Brooks as a middle linebacker position. I think hes a lot stronger at middle linebacker then barrenchea. But they should be putting barrenchea on the outside.

Our 4 guys in the front..there are no changes that i would make what so ever.

As for the i can say is...we sure could of used Korey Banks on this team now when we had first pick in the ottawa draft.

Tay Cody and Jykine Bradley should be the cornerbacks. jason Goss and wayne shaw as the defensive backs and scott gordon as teh safety..

  1. Agreed, but up to a point. I think that a lot of those short passes were option or outlet passes, not necessarily the primary recievers.

  2. Yup. Gotta worry somewhat about Holmes' ankle for the time being though...

  3. It's bee said often enough.

  4. Brooks is great. A healthy D-line is scary. The DBs have to kick it up a notch. We need help at Safety - don't know if Gordon is the saviour at that position.

I am not so sure this team can pull it out this year. I have been so far totally disappointed. The key to me is the ineffective kicking game. You fix that you have a couple of wins this year, instead of three losses.

If the fix is as simple as you say then I fail to see why you give up with a whopping 15 games to go.